Limited Resources: Summer Cube Draft #1

“The Cube is an imitation of life itself – or even an improvement on life.” – Erno Rubik

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  1. Round 1 video links to Last Week’s Vintage Master’s Draft, not this week’s Holiday Cube draft.

  2. Just wondering if AJ ever plans on uploading anymore stuff to his channel since he hasn’t for 2 months, also always excited whenever you guys put up a video

  3. Hey my mistake, meant to post that on the other video, would be great if someone could get rid of it, always good to see more content from Marshall though

  4. For the Voice over Spectral Procession pick. With the 2 cards that allow you to cast a turn 3 Procession and the amount of payoff with your deck, would it be worth paying 4 therefore making the Procession the pick? Just wondering, that’s a really close pick though.

  5. Hi allor,

    Thanks for the note. Still would love to do so. Trying to convince Becky to join me when we’re busy has been hard. :)

    As for the video itself, we’re still working on making Round 1 work but are aware of the problem.

  6. Thanks for a different format this week. VMA was getting stale to watch in my book. Keep it up.

  7. Nice to see Marshall finally play a non-blue deck in cube. Even without wraths his deck seemed really good and loved the tokens theme.

  8. Yeah, I’m really confused. The event number and deck that Marshall plays in Round 1 is not the deck he drafted in the Draft video.

  9. Round 1 video is an old cube draft. Please let us finally see Marshman’s first Round.

  10. Hello guys,

    we are aware that the first round video is not the one you are expecting. Marshall’s first round video was corrupted and we are waiting for him to send us another file with the round 1 games. Due to the fact that he is currently commenting a GP this can take a bit of time. Thanks for your patience in that matter!

  11. Absolutely sick draft – loved the deck; a take of things I hadn’t seen before in cube ~ with all my favourite ingredients: ETB, tutors, tokens and a tight curve!