Limited Resources: Sweet, Sweet Cube Draft

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  1. I went through this entire draft thinking: “Oh, he doesn’t know about the ‘World Rule’… This ought to be fun”

    Especially the part where you were thinking about ways to get rid of your own Abyss: of course Nether Void is the best out! I’m glad you found it. :)

  2. Last game of match two, you had a tanglewire out and tapped 3 lands and tanglewire when you had an equipped batterskull that could’ve been tapped instead, allowing enough open mana that turn to cast venser blink batterskull for a new token. It was pretty much inconsequential at that point, but it’s the tighter play, since tapping your equipment does nothing to it functionally.

  3. Hey Marshall, M1G1, you could have blinked Kozilek with Venser and then cast upheaval so Kozilek comes back EOT and the game would have been locked up. It also would have been awesome to watch! Fun cube draft to watch, though! BTW,you should stream on Twitch… I would watch the hell out of that stream.

  4. m2g2 you can tap the actual batterskull to the tangle wire, that way you can play venser that turn and blink the batterskull in case things go poor

  5. Please always play land after the upheaval. No reason to play it before only to lose your landrop

  6. @kezzerdrix and @knx I think the fun aspect of playing with all these sweet cards should also be factored in. You don’t always have to be playing MTGO to earn money, surely you get some enjoyment from the game.

  7. M3G1, you contemplate tutoring for moat but note you don’t have a 2nd white, hiearch taps for white…
    Not that that would be the best line of play imo…

  8. Round 3 was just the biggest durdle fest. G1 you just pass on the T2 Batterskull which would have put that game away much faster. G2 you’re considering Nether Void off Enlightened, when he’s actually just dead to Control Magic (albeit you mentioned the card).

    PS. I still <3 you Marshall.

  9. awesome deck :)
    Like Quicksilver I too was waiting for the double enchant world to hit play. But hey! If you haven’t played with those before how would you know that.
    I really liked the way the deck played out and take it from a Library owner, you always want to play it. I don’t think there is anything I would want to take over it in this cube. It is such a beating, the card advantage is just ………

    Keep up the good work and good luck with the articles over on the mothership! I know I’ll be readijng them :)

  10. M1G1 you were convinced at a certain point that you didn’t have the mana to play Kozilek through your nether void, but actualy you had exactly 13 mana , so you actualy could.

    Other than that minor overlook the draft was great!

  11. You didn’t have to blink nether void in m1g1, you said you only had 12 mana but you had 13. You were counting Orzhov Basilica as 1 mana. If there’s one criticism I would make of your play, it’s your management of mana sources. You made a mistake the previous turn with the worn powerstone by not counting your mana correctly, and you spend a lot of your time debating different lines to take by trying to figure out the mana. This is an obvious statement, but that time would be better used thinking about the actual implications of the play.

    I don’t know what you could do to improve your mana counting skills, but maybe just reminding yourself when you are reviewing your mana to make sure you count bouncelands as 2 mana and going more slowly when you make an initial count, making sure to examine each non-basic land and artifact (instead of counting them quickly, but not being sure and having to do so multiple times). Your clock just went down needlessly in a lot of cases due to you being sloppy with counting your mana. Sorry to nitpick, but I teach math so little things like that can lead to me yelling at my computer screen haha.

  12. Haha marshall, that wasn’t a draft deck, that was your goddamn 40 card singleton vintage list, please be fair the next time. Deck was soooo good, first draft i’ve watched from start to end in weeks.

  13. I probably would’ve taken JtMS over Recall and then Elspeth over Shackles. As great Recall and Shackles are, draw spells and control magic are replaceable while the best two planeswalkers are not. That Moat even tabled which goes great with Jace and Elspeth.

  14. What on earth were you doing all of M1G1? Worst playing I’ve ever seen.. so many mistakes.

    Him using Tamiyo’s ultimate doesn’t even matter, and he couldn’t tap down Whipcorder as it had proc Blue. All you needed to do was stop him playing a creature. The play was to attack him, mill him for 10 and get a guy, and leave Tamiyo on 8. If he casts Steppe Lynx before using ultimate you can counter it and bounce Tamiyo, and then you’re guaranteed to win by hitting him and milling him again (using Venser to make unblockable if you need to), if he ultimates first, you still counter Steppe Lynx but you may as well then just draw a card.

    Never been on this site before. Never will be again.

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