Limited Resources: VMA Draft #4

“Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way.” – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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  1. im sorry i just dont understand what is wrong with your setup. every time you play with beta your crashing. ive played with it since i started last october and its never crashed on me. maybe its just the recording software?

  2. R2G2 attack with arrogant wurm but first play your land when he blocks with the chief and the tokens , repel one token get the chief and the token . these are the things you played every time man , why get your wurm killed?

  3. But it’s not the Beta anymore, so Marshall (and everyone else) better figure it out!

    I can’t play or watch VMA drafts anymore – I am just too colorblind – all I see are the red and white cards – it hurt me to see Marshall passing so many of them.

    Even picking the mediocre red and white in the first two packs would have paid off big time in that last pack!

  4. I am SUPER happy to not see a really boring red/white deck with a bunch of Goblins. I am sick of that being everything that people I watch draft in their recordings.

  5. Great play cycling away an obsessive search t1 in r2g1 with Waterfront Bouncer bouncer in hand for turn 2.

  6. @pain3ller . . . I finally went over to the new client, did two cube drafts and had multiple crashes including the 80 card nightmare. Perhaps it’s more unstable now that everyone’s on it? I don’t know. Either way, I’m sadly quitting MTGO until the fall expansion is out and hopefully they’ve fixed some things by then. Very depressing.

  7. You kept saying how the new client is bad and unstable, but that is completely on you. I’ve been using its since alpha and it never crashed on me. That’s probably mostly your fault, I mean, macs, pffft lol.

    Also hiding phase array, why? Makes no sense.

  8. Nice vids Marshall. I understand the feeling from everyone. It’s disappointing that you pay 25 tix for a VMA draft and everyone is forcing aggro. It goes to show how imbalanced the RW deck is because UG can be almost as ridiculously fast and no one complains about it. VMA has cool rares, but in the end modern choices ended up turning old cards into Gatecrash.

  9. Man, those round three games were just crazy. Watching you talk out your decisions and seeing how all the pieces fit together was insane. I always learn a trick or two by watching you play, some of those interactions were easily some of the most complicated limited ones I have ever seen.

  10. *Beep*, stop streaming and/or playing the beta. It needs to be boycotted ASAP.

  11. I don’t know what you’re talking about, FTBN. They are playing using the official released MTGO client.