Loading Ready Run Draft #58: Constellation Consternation

Graham and James bid farewell to JBT draft with… well it’s a deck!

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  1. I think in terms of actually being a functional deck, your worst decks are probably the hat draft and the 23rd card draft (the “run every card you pick” draft is out of the running by reason of insanity). That round 1 game 2, though. Nice job there.

  2. With the amount of of enchantments ye had, that Kruphix’s Insight would have been a divination most of the time. It didn’t even get a comment.

  3. Anyway, I think this shows us that we were right all along – those claim enchantments in Born of the God were the worst! Unfortunately also one Grim Guardian is not enough to get the job done. Also Nyx Infusion is good, but I usually would take the Lampads over them – that intimidate almost every turn would have been powerful in many different places during your games – you usually got stuck on the ground while not having enough flyers to keep getting through. But thanks anyway for finally doing the “all enchantments” draft.

  4. Match 3 Game 1, probably wouldn’t have mattered but you cast Nylea’s Emissary without bestow and then used Cast Into Darkness to kill the Nautilus. Bestowing Emissary targeting the Nautilus would’ve killed it and you would have kept your Cast Into Darkness.

  5. “the constellation deck” with a single card with constellation…

    In my experience, you have to grab the actual Constellation guys over anything else in the Journey pack, because it’s your only chance to grab them.

  6. I’d really love to see you guys do a “sparkly” VMA draft. Since every pack has a foil, what you do is draft the foil if it’s there, and then anything else if it has already been taken, and see if you can get a crazy but workable deck. I foresee having to draft a lot of mana-fixing.

  7. I have to agree with Jonah, you probably should have drafted more actual constellation cards, you seemed to ignore them for better enchantments first pack, but that made all your future enchantments that much worse. I doubt it would have made a huge difference, but it might have been entertaining to hit your opponent for four every turn from having intimidate basically constantly.

    Amusing, but not exactly format breaking, unlike your Gatecrash two drops draft.