LoadingReadyRun #3: Drafting Blind

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  1. “In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king”.

    Therefor for the purposes of the drafting part of this video Paul was king but had to look at the unkempt peasants who didn’t know how to make themselves look pretty.

  2. wow. all I can say. I’m speechless. flabbergasted. bamboozled even.

    Above all, I have been thoroughly entertained!!!!

    Hazaaah L.L.R. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ended up with a pretty nice deck. Not sure why you kept scarecrow in the maindeck (unless you took it out at the last second). Also with that curve, 2 mana elfs, amulet and elk your deck doesnt want more than 16 lands.

  4. That was fun to watch. As our viewers have noticed we tried Youtube as player this time. Please note that you can switch the quality according to your Internet speed and let us know what you think of the new setup compared to the old player. Thanks for the show!

  5. the new set up as sweet

    as always LRR were very entertaining to 3-0 with that method of drafting was a Miracle…

  6. Damn, I must be way too uptight because lots of those picks were just frustrating to watch and took away from the fun. It seems like if you’re going to go for comedy, you should go “deep” and not even worry about strategy. It’s when you straddle the line between trying to be strategic and trying to be funny that makes for a frustrating viewing experience. Basically, I think this would have been really fun to watch if you approached it from the angle of trying to make picks that give you the best chance of having a playable deck if it was the usual cast of experienced mtgo academy drafters. For a LRR draft, I’d prefer straight silliness.

    The first pack went fairly well strategically, but I paused to type this comment after the dream twist pick. There were tons of other fine, playable cards that had a much, much higher chance of being played. Dream twist is a card that’s only borderline playable in a niche deck designed around it (u/g spawning or u/r burning vengeance). Picking it knowing you only have 1 pack to find cards that make dream twist good makes it extremely likely that it’s a dead card. In contrast, you had an equipment (not the greatest one, but not unplayable and it’s colorless) and a few decent creatures. Even the gutter grime was a significantly better pick which is saying something.

    I know I’m taking things too seriously but I do wonder if my reaction is all that rare. I adore LRR’s sketch comedy (even the non-magic related ones) but it’s much harder to not take the draft seriously when they seem to be trying to make strategic picks. If it didn’t seem like you were trying to make good picks, it would be fun! You’re beginners though (don’t get me wrong, not a bad thing) so analysis is just not something I’m looking for from LRR comedy drafting. I’m sure the actual games will be more fun though, so I’m going to go back and finish watching.

  7. I was thinking of sugesting something like that, I had even a cool name for it… would be the “sensory deprivation draft” and would probably envolve some blindfolds and loud ipods.

  8. Ok, I take it back. The games were a lot of fun to watch and made up for some of the cringe-worthy draft picks. There were definitely a lot of misplays that were kinda hard to watch at times but for some reason they didn’t bother me near as much. I guess the fact that you actually won your matches helped make up for it :) Pretty impressive even if your opponents’ decks left a lot to be desired.

  9. That was fun guys and I look forward to more in a fortnight! However, Ironwright, p1p1? Even in the silliest of draft formats, that’s gotta be wrong. :P Just take the red removal, imo.

  10. This was the most epic one so far, I think. :-) Not the most entertaining, but definitely a high volume of both entertainment and good playing in this draft. :-)

  11. Youtube as a player is amazing. I can watch it on my smartphone, add it to my playlists, etc.

  12. My absolute favorite part of this was how it constituted a datum for how much more reliable signaling is when no one knows what’s going on.

    My new hypothesis that will require testing: A draft where 45 people pick cards, none of whom know what anyone else has chosen, will result in the perfect deck.

  13. Idea=10
    Funny/Entertainment value=5
    This could have been amazing if you actually try to consistently make a good deck.

  14. The only problem I had with any of this was Jer’s philosophy on Mindshrieker. I can’t see any reason why when you have 2 flashback cards in deck that are both Travel Prep you would want to mil yourself. He kept saying getting TP in the yard was good, but you’d MUCH rather draw the TP and cast it on your guys twice. It’s not like Mindshrieker takes from the bottom of the deck like Cellar Door.

  15. everyone taking their turn saying the elk (moose) had haste was very amusing.
    put more enthusiasm into this stuff though. you’re not inherently funny, but you very easily could be.

  16. xanderhunter– by that logic, milling is just as likely to get you closer to drawing Travel Preps as it is to milling it away. In other words, milling yourself is like giving yourself a small chance to draw a card (a flashback travel preps), while milling the opponent is like giving them a small chance to draw a card. There’s no reason to be afraid of milling away a good card in your library because you just as easily could be milling away bad cards in order to come closer to drawing the good card.

  17. nice high level trolling by talking about how you could troll the others by taking gutter grime and then dead panning the true troll pick of dream twist.

  18. Re: “My new hypothesis that will require testing: A draft where 45 people pick cards, none of whom know what anyone else has chosen, will result in the perfect deck.”

    What you are suggesting is drafting without any color bias irregardless of all previous picks. While this might work quite well because of the signals of your neighbors, it funnily fails to work if everybody at the table does the same, resulting in completely random decks colorwise. It would be interesting to analyze how much of a color bias you expect at a table and how you should adapt. My hypothesis would be that even a very minor color bias (much less than in reality) would lead to quite orderly results.

  19. @xanderhunter @planetwalls

    Surely milling yourself is more risky in their deck because if you accidentally mill the 1 plains that shuts off all their fixing for white (Amulet, Wilds and “moose”), meaning GtTF and the Ironwrite are dead cards, plus you loose flashback on Prep. Sure in Mach 3 we saw an opposing Prep and Geistflame, but I think it’s better to accidentally mill one into your opponents yard than mill the plains then draw both your white cards…

  20. Excellent video. In the future, you should consider doing a Momir DE. The commentary could be pretty hilarious.

  21. Your blind-draft Idea sounds fun. I would waste tickets on it especially since I can’t seem to win anyway.