LoadingReadyRun Draft #10: Dial M13 for Murder!

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  1. Instead of divisible by 13, you can only take 1 or 3 drops. Probably won’t lead to the best deck, but it involves the number… sort of.

  2. Funny enoguh, the idea didn’t seem half bad… it would possibly be more fun to watch the mill deck.

    Your trouble was that there was another black drafter that took all the low cost creatures.

  3. I can’t tell if it is just me, but my audio is popping and stuttering like crazy on the draft vid.

  4. My audio was doing the same thing Bad in the draft it happened a couple other times during the matches.

    As for the build, It wasn’t that horrible! it was not great and you needed two or five more low drop creatures but you lost the first match because of bad draws. 13 cards in before you drew a creature is just unlucky.

  5. @Nick

    I had the same issue too. The audio stuttering is what stopped me watching all of the Storyline Draft. The stuttering does not seem to happen on LRR’s Live Drafts.

  6. Well that was a thing, it wasn’t the best thing you guys had done but you were trying to come up with something on the fly. Still fun though For what’s worth I wasn’t having problems with the audio.

  7. Great draft Guys, My audio was stuttering a little as well. You guys should do more Mono-color deck. At least one draft for each color.

  8. I know it’d involve a lot of luck and therefore probably isn’t practical, but I’d love to see you guys build a deck around a ridiculous card like Journey to Nowhere. Just some card that we’d normally look at and scoff at. Seems like it’d be really entertaining if you could get it to work.

  9. So both you and Marshal had very heavy removal decks and got mana screwed this week. I think Movie Bob would put it best.


  10. Every time you played a swamp, then thought about attacking with the ghoul, my heart cried a little.

  11. Early decision to go monoblack, and you don’t see any Vampire Nighthawks? That’s just depressing.

    The noninteractive games and the stuttering audio made this kind of boring to watch, which sucks, because the matches weren’t really your fault. Mana screwed in the first, got a bye in the second, and your opponent didn’t do anything in the last.

    I’m hoping to see mill happen, but it’s hard to force. Good luck.

  12. You should do a Wolfdraft. Timberpack Wolf to be exact. When you see it, pick it.

  13. Sorry I interrupted your video:( But now I am famous lol fun vids like always guys

  14. My idea for a funny draft: You take the card with the lowest converted mana cost during each round, if they are tied, you get to pick.

  15. As always top notch entertainment. I like the mono archetype actually, how about just doing one for each color in M13 – Open P1P1, choose the best (color) card and go mono from there.

  16. Enjoyed this video – mon murder seems like it will be the next big thing. You’re onto something!

    As for draft ideas, I like the idea of high&low – you can only take the lowest casting cost card or the highest in each pack.

  17. Great draft :D Was a lot of fun to watch.
    BTW, is it just me or is the audio choppy for the drafts for Academy? I don’t have the same issue with their personal streams or even Graham’s youtube posted drafts.