LoadingReadyRun Draft #11: Go Away, Goblins!

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  1. There’s tension and disagreement as our host tries to prevent his competitive friend from having an aneurysm as they inexplicably force mono-red. Now this is comedy.

  2. Your guest this week was probably the most abrasive and annoying commentator I have yet to hear in an online mtg video. This was not pleasurable to watch, stopped after pack 2. Get the B/W exalted fangirl out. I’ll bet shes terrible at drafting competitively, too.

  3. M13 Bolas draft – take every card related to, with flavor text from, or in keeping with the flavor of Nicol Bolas.

  4. wow, people can be rude in the comments.

    I feel like you’re trying to force comedy, and comedy just can’t be forced. LSV is funny because he doesn’t focus on it.

    That said, mono colors isn’t very adventurous. How about going five color? Trying the mill deck? A deck with nothing but two drops?

  5. Stopped listening when one of the commentators began eating… nothing more annoying than listening to someone chew on a mic.

  6. Jim, that’s pretty nasty. I thought Kathleen’s presence was quite refreshing in the wake of previous LRR drafts (not to imply that they have been anything but entertaining and enjoyable).

    And Jimmininninninny Cricket’s comment is probably better as a lead than the one I came up with for the front page. Then again, maybe that comment was intended to be sarcastic. I actually thought that the tension between an immediate decision to force mono-red and the appreciation for Knights of Glory made for some funny moments.

  7. @Jim – Sorry to hear you didn’t care much for my opinions, but to each his own. As I say in the vids, I’m kind of competitive, so I have a hard time not going for cards I think are good. :)

    Hope you come back for our other drafts when I’m not around.

  8. Bring Kathleen in more!
    We like comedy, but we like you winning more!
    Plus, your disagreements with Kathleen bring both into the mix! :)

  9. @Kathleen – Ignore Jim, trolls will be trolls, and some of us thought your commentary entertaining and indeed quite refreshing. Having someone with a clue how to actually Magic is a nice change for LRR :-P

    Though not calling Graham on the Sands of Delirium pick was a travesty.
    When it happened I was thinking to myself “Right, make a mental note of how insanely much better Goblin Arsonist would be whenever it gets drawn” and then there was Match 2 Game 1.
    Which opened with a horribly dead sands that, as goblin arsonist, would have killed the tern and his 2/2 and generally put you in a vastly better position to actually probably win that game.

    But entertaining vids, for sure, and a vastly better looking deck than I expected from “let’s force mono-red” :-D

  10. I felt that Kathleen was trying to punish the listener for wanting a “funny draft”

    There seem to be a lot of eating and drinking going on when people record their drafts here. Simon and Marshals drafts seem to have constant sipping and gulping.

  11. I thought the airport terminal comments were pretty funny. Just be careful not to overuse it as it can get old quick. But still enjoyable draft :D

  12. Bit painful it was your oponent in match 1 who had the funny deck !
    I won’t generalize about women but Kathleen didn’t bring humour to the table; after picking o-rings it was allready obvious this was a good deck and not a fun one; that said, I don’t think i would be able to do the crazy stuff too unless someone else pays for it :p ! Note, I consider the thoughts of Kathleen to be to the point and reasonable, just not experimental or open-minded. She would fit better in a Marshall-video :).
    I would like to see a milldeck with the possible 5/5 1cc flyer; or a five colordeck with a door to nothingness, you can go for that if you get a door early (like 8 chances every draft).

    On a side not, just came back from 3 week vacation in Spain, missed whole m13 release, did first 8-4 draft without knowing cards very well and made a horrible error I’d like to share : I got the ajani planeswalker, at 6 points, oponent has 4/4 (packleader) and 3/1 with trample and deathtouch. He attacks with all and i block the 3/1 with a 2/2, thinking ajani will survive and i can boost my other creature out of range next turn (was 3/3). I was very amazed ajani went into graveyard… then hit me with the trample he only needed ONE damage to kill my 2/2. Still went on to win match and draft but there was a stain on it :).

  13. This was still a silly/fun deck, with some needed competitive picks so the deck didn’t flop immediately.
    I think Kathleen actually added to the humor by being the cut-and-dry voice of reason to bounce off silliness.

  14. I think it’s great that LRR mixes things up, both in topic as well as in formation. I didn’t find Kathleen annoying at all, I just got the impression that she didn’t feel comfortable with her role, especially in the beginning. This notable tension made it difficult to thoroughly enjoy for me (as a result of empathizing with the commentators).

    Recording with multiple people is a great way to try out different roles, and the LRR crew should be perfect for that given that they are actors (I’m a fan, fwiw). It might even be a nice idea to move some of the comedy away from the drafting process and into the roles you two “play”.

    In the German series I record with my brother, we play up the difference in experience and the teaching aspect of playing together. Not an example of comedy, but it does simplify our communication and makes it more engaging for the viewers.

    @Lord_Hosk: Tangentially, and really just for the record, I don’t eat or drink during recording. There shouldn’t be either sipping or gulping in my videos.

  15. you guys should do a draft where you have to play every card you pick in your deck, can get some funny basic land picks that way.

  16. “Do I have a card in my deck that is better than something I have in my hand? If yes, it is always correct to rummage.”

    Rummaging Goblin, while very good, is not Merfolk Looter.

    Let’s say you topdeck a mediocre, but playable, card. With Merfolk Looter you can activate, draw a terrible card, and pitch it. With Rummaging Goblin, you have a decision to make: while you *could* draw a better card (maybe even the perfect card), you have to pay up front and give up your immediately relevant “bird-in-the-hand” and risk getting nothing in return.

    So, while you should (practically) always loot, it is often the case that you shouldn’t rummage.

  17. I apologize Mr Goertzen, your mic must be picking up your normal swallowing which I mistook for drinking.

    I will admit I am very sensitive to this sort of thing it can be especially bad when I watch while wearing headphones.

  18. Absolutely loved Graham drafting with Kathleen for a change (not that I don’t like James too)! I will admit to being a bit of an LRR fanboy though and watch pretty much everything they do. Anyway I like the idea someone said that Kathleen drafting with Marshall would be good, I’d love to see that!

    Thanks for putting out such great videos guys!

  19. I enjoyed this draft, and thought it was great with the banter between the two commentators. Kinda like a comedy duo with Kathleen as the ‘Straight Man’.

    I actually really really liked the Rare Draft and All Creature Drafts that you did in the past, and think both would work well in M13.

  20. Dunno what people’s problems are with your co-host, other than maybe the usual gamer misogony, but this was a fun draft to watch and I enjoyed the banter.

  21. I just had an idea for one of your drafts, That you must take the card of the lowest CMC (excluding basic lands)

  22. @Mental_Magic
    They did exactly that in their 7th draft “LoadingReadyRun Goes All-in”

  23. I’m normally a fan of Kathleen in the LRR videos, but her persistent “Oh, well this is a /funny/ draft” complaints put me off.

  24. Yeah the whole “I’m competitive” thing that she was trying hard to get us to believe was a little annoying at first, but then I realized that it didn’t mean she was trying to say she was good, just that she liked to win. She didn’t really know what some of the cards did and was repeating common things that everyone says “B/W Exalted is sooo good”.

    For the LRR drafts, I just prefer the normal atmosphere that Graham and James create.

  25. This was not to my tastes, personally.

    It’s really hard to watch you guys try to do a semi-funny core set draft… especially building aggro? I think LSV has had at least two funnier M13 drafts, without trying to be funny.

    I think the reason why this was literally painful to watch (had to turn it off in pack 3) was because of the following.

    -You were at a weak table where an insanely easy 3-0 deck was being shipped to you. Knight of Glory followed by Talrand’s Invocation? Sometimes it’s funny to just watch an insane deck 3-0.

    -You took serious picks most of the time. If you’re going to pass a P1p2 Talrand’s Invocation in the name of drafting a gimmick deck… draft a gimmick deck.

    -You by yourself would have been a million times better than the dual commentary. This is not a knock on Katheryn. Her, by herself, would have also been more entertaining. The forced jokes were painful.
    I think the problem was, “watch me force mono” doesn’t really gain anything from adding a second person. If you had just slammed red cards… yeah, just not a good two person gimmick, because there are no decisions.

    I was hoping that this would be more fun after listening to your M13 rare draft. You are playing a lot better than you were during AVR, and the M13 rare draft was very very entertaining. Keep trying, and in the future, I guess don’t force

  26. I actually love it when you guys bring Kathleen into the mix. I think she’s funny, and I like it when you guys actually win. Kathleen in a really competitive, and I think extremely funny, addition to the cast.