LoadingReadyRun Draft #12: M13 Rare Draft

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  1. You guys should do a Big Draft next. Basically a Timmy draft, you take the biggest most expensive creature from each pack and try to make it work. It would appeal to the inner 12 year old and if you are successful it would really say a lot about the current state of Magic. And it would be funny to see you guys have to pass infinitely better creatures for Vastwood Gorger.

  2. Ooh, for added comedy watch with transcribed captions. Selected greats:

    On taking the second Tormod’s Crypt:
    “And second-term Oscar hates is more for three-day pass, my brother.”

    Choosing Crippling Blight over Griffin Protector:
    “Supposedly had remarkable thinking to gryffindor actor but / and electric light further black is easy easily reach our story, for sure.”

    Waiting for the final opponent:
    “Insurers exciting dear god allowed her opponent clock ladies so bad.”

  3. Hi guys, fun draft. But after the Rise from the Grave, you should have thought about taking Rummaging Goblins. This allows you to discard your big rare guys you couldn’t otherwise play, get to playables and also REANIMATE!

    Keep it up!

  4. For some reason, the audio sounds a bit choppy on these compared to other videos you’ve done.

  5. Now maybe I missed something but doesn’t crippling blight just blank fog bank?

    And then you bring the Lich beats?

  6. Ok, when I saw the drafting section with Lich, reckoning and crypt I thought maybe I’d played in this draft as I recalled a playing somebody running those cards. Then I don’t see myself in the matches and think to myself wow! someone ran that combination in a real draft without being forced.

  7. Have you ever tried the Nico Bonny rare challange? It seems way more thought out than your “you have to pick every rare”-Challange.

    It’salso quite easy, you draft swiss, and you win if you win a match while playing at least 10 rares. That’s it.

  8. Great draft, I’m really surprised you guys only got the one super expensive do nothing card. I was really hoping for some battle of wits, omniscience, etc.

    Either way, was really fun to watch.

    Another idea for the heap from the peanut gallery. I loved the creature draft from AVR, and would love to see the M13 version.

  9. I think its funny that you dismissed my mono artifact deck and then ended up pulling so much brown.

    Nice video I look forward to the lost James/Graham draft from a couple weeks ago.

  10. @sylvan I’m 12 years old and have been playing magic for about 4 years and I almost hate “Jimmy” cards preferring Johny instead.
    I’m not trying to boast, but I just think that children are always thought of as huge Jimmy fantics, and I want to change that.