LoadingReadyRun Draft #13: Best Pick in the Pack

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  1. Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I click to watch the draft vid, #12 LRR’s Rare draft video.
    Just bringing it up.


  2. I love that you saw both the Door and the Battle after deciding not to hope for either… I had a friend at FNM who forced Door to Nothingness and just never got the Door. He referred to the deck as “5-colour Nothingness”. He came dead last.

  3. Those were pretty entertaining games and the draft format was fun too!
    Might want to speed up the playing a bit though, as running out of time seems a real issue…

    Anyway, I´m a fan, keep up the good work. :)

  4. Opp: Prey Upon
    You: Do we Unsummon our guy?

    Derp… Unsummon actually reads
    “Counter target Prey Upon.
    Achievement Unlocked: Awesome Tempo Play!”

    You bounce their guy, there is no fight! Kinda goes with your triple Pacifism plan.

  5. Also, to explain some new-MTGO you seemed confused by:

    The status panel in the bottom left lights up white when you have priority proper, ie when you can cast spells… it doesn’t light up for other turn-based actions, like declaring attackers/blockers. The previous client was like this too, whenever you had priority the status box lit up white… but eg “Declare attackers” was red-on-black. So it still stood out, but it was displayed differently.

    However, the border of your panel on the left (avatar, graveyard etc) lights up when it’s your action to take, whether that’s priority, or declaring attackers, or whatever… basically whenever your clock is running.

    Also, the border of your play area lights up on your turn, same as the old client.

  6. Alright, you guys are actually hilarious, but your play is downright painful. I don’t know if that’s the point, but, dear lord. I just finished watching round 2, where the last game is spent refusing to trade with the Furnace Whelp. You mentioned double blocking with Faerie Invaders and Wind Drake when I realized that you must have thought that Furnace Whelp has “R: +1/+1 until EOT.” It actually only boosts the power (+1/+0), so at any time, you could have blocked with Wind Drake and traded the two. The more you know! (Reading raaaaaaaainboooooooooow)

  7. I love the videos men, keep it up.

    I hate those vids where people will evaluate every damn card in the pack as if we haven’t played M13 limited before. You guys just have fun with it.

    I am sad though that you got the Battle of Wits and didn’t go for it. I mean the lost in the woods deck worked, just take a bunch of draw spells, Index, 200 Islands, and Battle of Wits. Easy 8 packs and a QP. (Unless someone has naturalize in the sideboard.

  8. Watched this earlier and now, having thought about it, seems like a good way to get a feel for the set as a whole. Picking the best card in a vacuum gives you a card pool equivalent to a 3-pack sealed with mostly good cards. The only downside is that you must make it a 40 card deck as opposed to the 3 pack sealed 30-card decks, meaning you will more often than not have to use 3 colors. I may try this the next draft I do. It has a chance of going great or terrible, but seems like a fun way to do it.

  9. I think you guys could’ve sided better, especially for the first round. He is playing mostly 1 and 2 power exalted guys that come down early, so cutting all of those demanding green cards and throwing in a couple blue and white cards that were in the board (like pillarfield ox and harbor serpant, both good blockers for an exalted deck) and then dropping in all your black cards would be worth it. Mutliate destroys that deck, and crippling blight takes out an aven no problem.

    Often you were holding a few green cards that you could just never cast. The black cards were all mid to late game and had such a little demand on your mana.

  10. Enjoyed the draft, but that clock play and those missed unsummons on the fog bank hurt something fierce.

    Still, laughed a fair bit – so thanks!

    Idea time: what about a high-low draft? You can pick either the card with the highest converted mana cost, or the card with the lowest. this also applies to ties. Example, if you get duty bound dead, arbor elf, and Door, you can pick any of those 3 cards. You could also give yourself 3 lifelines where you actually get to pick a good card just so that the deck is playable. You’d have a big early game, and a big lategame :)

  11. I don’t know what problems the people complaining here have, because yeah, from a professional point it IS painful to watch, but that is exactly what these drafts are. They are funny because of the bad decisions and the “going for the LOLs”. And I prefer explaining and jokes over having much time on the clock in the end with no commentary on the game. Because the game itself is not the important thing. The comments and annotations are, and they are hilarious (for me at least).

    @PMJ: That is a very good idea, I like it.

  12. Great games!

    In game 3, I think the icons on the sides of the screen at the middle of the video and towards the end regarding the chat mean that you can dock the chat window on any of the 4 sides of the screen.

  13. I was your RND 3 opponent in this draft.. lol. It was a memorable draft for me because my deck was so silly, seeing this video made it even better lol. Love it!