LoadingReadyRun Draft #14: LoadingReadyResources – No Attacks

Before this episode of LoadingReadyRun Draft (or is it LoadingReadyResources? or… perhaps… Limited Run?), we wanted to congratulate James for making the 2012 Wizards of the Coast Community Cup team! James does great work for us, and for the Magic community in general, and we wish him the best of luck in Renton. –MTGO Academy Staff

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  1. M1G1: I was waiting for you to Mind sculpt, then spell twine on mind sculpt and sign in blood forcing him to draw.

  2. That was agonizingly painful and very entertaining all simultaneously. The blue black deck that could have been made would have been as Marshall likes to put it “spicy”.

  3. I love watching this video…watching Marshall going out of his comfort zone! I also like how Marshall states to opponent games 2 “this is what we call a two for one.” LOL I think that we now need to see LRR do a serious draft ;P thanks for the fun vids.

  4. That was really great. One of the best ones you have done.

    Also i want to point out that you forgot the attack with the kraken at the beginning of Match 3 Game 1. Not sure if it would have changed something, but in the end every damage matters, right? And once the might kraken hits it is almost game over ;-)

  5. That was great fun. The last game was a major punt fest, but that was just added entertainment value as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I have to say, it’s nice to see that something silly works, and i guess Marshall is playing a part in this, because he plays smart/fast, but doesn’t surrender the silly.

    And I have not seen Marshall having this much fun apparently with MtGO. That’s so nice to hear :) Maybe you should do that more often.

  7. I just wanted to point out that in m1g3 at 35:07, you had an attack with a Crippling Blighted Augur of Bolas. There’s no way he could have blocked it, and clearly you weren’t blocking with it yourself. Try not to spew value like that next time.

    BTW That was epic.

  8. Ah, that was hilarious.

    Quick question: were either/both of you drunk? Marshall seemed particularly merry, but that might just be him enjoying the Silly Draft

  9. If you listen to Marshall in his draft before that, he says he was coming off a cold recently – I think this was him on the cold medicine. Ironically he had a much better control deck in this LRR video than he did with his “plan” for a control deck in his previous draft video!

    I think this draft highlights the ability to draft well around any one plan and make it work. I am still waiting to see LRR do a draft around the Door to Nothingness – I have done it once and did successfully cast it for activation the next turn during one game – my opponent scooped, but I so wanted to see it go off! All I could imagine while playing that draft is the jokes LRR would make when they finally get around to doing a Door to Nothingness deck!

  10. Normally I would give you guys a Bump in the night for each of your wins. But you dont get them this time because you just had a unfair advantage in luck. You opened too many good cards and then got passed the perfect compliments.

    a good draft is 23-25 good cards and 1 or 2 awesome ones. You guys pulled 36 awesome cards, Im shocked that your opponents didnt just watch your replays and scoop as soon as the games started, I would have.

    The one criticism I was going to point out, Jkennethcarr already stated perfectly, That was pure missed value.

  11. One of the funnier drafts I have seen in a while. I was laughing a lot through rounds one and two. Great job guys.

  12. This was really awful to watch. I stopped partway through the draft. I normally love these, but seeing them pick so many cards that fly in the face of their build, and skip a lot of good ones? That just killed me.

    Rain of Blades? Blatantly a defensive card. Can only be used when the enemy attacks. Divine Favor? Great card for buffing defense. Just… just no. I’ll watch to see if the rest of the draft makes more sense, but I don’t think I want to watch this set.

  13. I was waiting for you guys to side in the Battle of Wits and 200 more lands as a Hail Mary…