LoadingReadyRun Draft #15: It’s a Trap!

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  1. R1G2: When I said “We don’t want to Ninjutsu”, I thought it was the OTHER Ninjutsu creature. Stealing his Fiend Hunter from the Graveyard would have actually been super cool.

    Of course, the Damnation would have then ended making that WORSE in the long run, but at the time I feel like that would’ve been the correct play.

  2. When you have reanimate and a fatty in your opener AND you’re playing for awesome, it’s hard to excuse not skipping your first land drop to discard, say, nefaraox

  3. I’ve seen mono black work, but you need the right cards to do it. So many of black’s most powerful cards have you losing life that it just gets toppled by an aggressive list, particularly mono red. It isn’t a deck you can just force, but when it comes to you it can be sweet.

  4. Did they update how cards look in the beta? I can’t remember them looking so crisp. Maybe it’s a settings/computer setup thing, but I really like the look.

    Also, nice take on one of the most overhyped archetypes ever :).

  5. I know you had this weird restriction to only take black cards, but artifacts are actually monoblack cards in cube so passing cards like battlespheres and rishadan ports seems kinda wrong :)

    at least if u do that its not representative for the archetype.

    anyways at least u got a win out of it :) and i i liked the vid, it was fun to watch

    take care

  6. A few comments:
    (a) Buried Alive did extremely close to nothing in your deck. I would have run gloom surgeon or possibly lightning greaves over it
    (b) With arena, graveborne muse and bloodgift demon you’re not going to have any trouble drawing cards, so I would have run at least 17, probably 18 lands.
    (c) game 2 round 1 (I think I have the right game here), you cast obliterator, opponent then fiend hunters it with one land untapped. I think the right play is 100% to play land #5, slam down liliana and make him start discarding. He has no pressure on you, and while liliana isn’t the greatest planeswalker, liliana vs. a control deck with no board is an absolute must-deal-with threat
    (d) You didn’t seem to realize that you can equip lashwrithe for phyrexian mana, so any time you can cast it, you can cast it and equip it immediately, for instance on a trampling phyrexian obliterator.

    All of that said, I had fun watching, thanks!

  7. The thing about mono black being a trap is, that mono black is not itself an archetype but really two. There is the aggro black deck with all the high power low drops, and there is mono black ramp to cast grizzy b. from your hand early. Both of those decks want more removal than you got though. You really got cut. : (

    Fun videos anyway!

  8. There’s something incredible in the fact that you guys can take something as simple as playing black in cube and turn into something as HILARIOUS as this.

    Phyrexian Obliterator gets the Class Attendance award!

  9. God, I love your drafts. I check here every few days only to be disappointed because I know you do this only every forthnight :(
    But every time hope > fact. That’s because hope has an 4/9 flying Avatar i suppose.

    Liked the idea, the execution, and as someone already said, monoblack does everything but not enough to stand alone. You have a few discard spells but not enough combo. You have a few removals but they’re very scetchy and all your creatures can just be taken away. Oh and one enchantment and you officially lost the game :D

  10. I would have loved to see you capitalize on turn one (insert superbomb here).

    Swamp, Dark Ritual, Putrid Imp (or Despise), Reanimate.

    Oh well, even if the dream play didn’t happen, fun videos to watch. Thanks as always.

  11. Round 2 @ 13:53; play Lashwrithe, equip for 4 life to Vampire Lacerator, swing with both for the win.

    Love watching these games and your live drafts!

  12. Mike76, they have a channel on twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun and usually draft live on Thursday nights. Twitch records all their drafts, so if you have a couple days worth of free time, you should check them out. They are quite entertaining :) You can follow them on Twitter @LRRMtG.

  13. That was pretty fun to watch, thanks dudes! I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys take on RTR as think there will be a fair number of options there for comedy drafts.

  14. Oh god I thought you were going to lose Round 2 Match 1 when you had the win (Lashwrithe) the whole time.

  15. Graham: “Magic magic magic” mono black “magic magic magic magic”

    James: something funny

    James: “Magic magic”

    Graham :something witty

    Lord Hosk: What did I just watch and why am I laughing?

  16. Game two you missed that you can pay Phyrexian mana to equip the Lashwrithe. When he had two Aeon Chroniclers you could have cast the artifact, paid 4 life to equip it to your Obliterator, then killed him.

  17. Just started R1G1… and almost immediately, I am yelling noooooo at the screen.

    You could have T1 draw, discard nepharox (or any of the other guys), T2 reanimate thing….

  18. The reason that it recommended 1 red mana is that even the beta client knows that mono-black is a trap.

  19. I love your drafts, I can’t keep myself from loughing every minute ! Like in one of them, James says “What is he thinking about?”, Graham answers “Magic things” and then James says “That’s fair”. I laughed out loud :)
    Anyway, you keep making a lot of mistakes, and that’s terribly frustrating. Every time this guy used opposition to tap your lands, you could have tapped them for mana instead of just yielding to it. It would have permitted you to cast instants when they did it during your upkeep, or even to cast your creature/sorcery spells when he commited the mistake to do it during your main phase.