LoadingReadyRun Draft #18: Unbearable

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  1. While you said you were cheating by picking the Inaction Injunction, you actually were justified in the pick as it fulfilled one criteria of having a CMC of 2 (being 1U), where the Bellows Lizard also only fulfilled a single criteria of being a creature (1/1 for R). The only case that this might not be true is if creature comes higher than CMC within the rules…

  2. I also think you should have looked at eyes in the sky as a 2 power creature because it gives you 2 1/1′s i would have found ways to cheat lol but very fun to watch!

  3. Also M3G2 he had 9 power 1st strike that couldn’t block you could have been punched through with the RS =)

  4. I was going to say the same thing as Galleon.

    bellows is 1 condition being creature.
    inaction is 1 condition being 2CMC

  5. Delightfully entertaining.

    And WOW did all those rounds go a very long time! I feel everybody got full value out of this draft.

  6. Enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, thanks for making these. In M1G3 you had him beat (by a turn) if he continued chumping with Revenant and attacking with Hypersonic and you started swinging with Sanctuary and Indrik, I suppose he could have held back Hypersonic but kept chumping with Revenant and hoped you never drew anything relevant but I don’t know how many outs he had.

  7. Man, not taking the Beastmaster seems like a giant flavor fail. I mean, she’s the mistress of ALL THE BEARS. I wish your drafts weren’t so rulesy; exploring a bizarre archetype and trying to make it actually work can be hilarious and a lot more fun. Passing a Temple Garden for a card that barely fits the rules isn’t funny, it’s tragedy.

  8. I like these drafts, but I think you need to ‘cheat’ more. Go with a theme but the times you are ‘stuck’ picking an off color crap card should be the times you are allowed to pick something to actually try to make a deck, color fixing, spells, etc…It would be nice to have a more playable deck.

  9. I really thought the beastmaster would get bonuspoints for having bears on the card T_T
    Also if there was ever a deck where Death’s Presence would shine, it would be a deck with over 20 creatures. Kind of wanted to see you guys board it in once :(

    All in all though, very nice set of videos, was entertained to be sure :D

  10. Pretty sure he quit in Game 2 of Round 3 because neither of his splatter thugs could block. All you had to do was get rid of his trestle troll somehow, and he’d have no attacks. And he probably figured you’d get some sort of removal before he found an out. Little did HE know you were running the legendary 20+ creatures resembling bears deck :P

  11. Yeah, the ‘all creatures that die’ deck seems like having double Death’s Presence would have been baller,

  12. I think this was an awesome theme for a draft and could be even better if you made a few changes for R2R:

    1) The Guildgate/Fixing exception. You can always take fixing, no matter what. Because 5-color Guildmage would be the most awesome deck ever!
    2) Get rid of “creature” and “green” as conditions. The most famous “bears” deck in MTG history is “hate bears” and none of them are green. And that way you can take a sweet spell instead of an Axebane Stage.
    3) If there are bears in the picture, that should count!

  13. Same as the others. The silly rules are great, but sometimes a variation is more fun. Since everyone watching is in fact interested in MtG, you can then try to counter your bad picks with some good ones to actually make a silly, yet functional deck. A winning deck built from strange stuff nobody in the right mind would pick is the most entertaining thing for all concerned.

    + I think the best drafts you ever made where the ones where you built a story around the card and why it fits perfectly in your crazy scheme (see the hat draft + the story draft). So if you see a good card, just try to improvise a scenario why this card and only this card, is the perfect solution to your scheme. And I know you can pull that off ;)

  14. A Blini-cake is another regional name for a pancake or hotcake. I suspect the bushstriders smelled them and broke the windows during breakfast, a la Mr. Ed.