LoadingReadyRun Draft #19: More Power!

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  1. The old “scoop to Brain Freeze with Emrakul in library” play :)

    Oh well. Your opponent probably deserved to win a game for building that deck.

  2. You passed Rofellos in your green-based mana ramp deck… TWICE. I love you guys to death but you need to stop giving me convulsions :P
    Nah, but seriously I enjoyed the videos. You could really see the Timmy in Graham when you got passed the eldrazi :D

  3. Spoiler –

    When you hit concede game one hadn’t you actually won? Emerkool would have stopped you being decked and he only had 3 cards left in his deck + you were about to be able to put your big guys into play with your original plan?

  4. Great video’s as always.
    It is almost cute, how you guys are struggling with cards you never play, or havent seen before.

    Game one by the way, you scoop to brain freeze, while you have emrakuul in your deck. Both eldrazi’s prevent you from being milled out, something to remember in the future :)

  5. Game 1 Match 1 I don’t think it was right to scoop to the brain freeze. Emrakul was in your deck and would have been brain freeze’d at some point, shuffling the entire graveyard back in, so you wouldn’t have lost to mill.
    Then you could have tooth and nail’d in your turn and raced the plant tokens against him losing to having milled himself – he would have had to play land each turn. Also if you had Baneslayer still in the deck (assuming it wasn’t milled after the Emrashuffle) you’d have been able to offset much of the plant damage and maybe squeak one out.
    But either way, that was a sweet first match, great vid :)

  6. Great draft! Very entertaining to watch. But one thing I don’t get is why you never blow up your own lands or signets with the terastadon. You play it, blow up three of their things and then say “we’re going to be taking a bit of a swing here.” It would have saved you at the end of round two if you had just killed the Sorin and a couple of your own lands instead of his.

  7. Throughout the first match you seem overly worried about Brain Freeze, considering you have legendary Eldrazi in your deck… what am I missing?

  8. You couldn’t lose to brainfreeze on 1st round 1st game because your deck was going to reshuffle with eldrazi!

  9. Yeah, as always a ton of mistakes, but it was fun to watch. Terastodon allows you to destroy UP TO 3 non-creature permanents. You don’t have to give your opponent a giant army every time you cast it :)

  10. In round 2, if you had picked up Ulamog instead of Emrakul you would not have to worry about Shriekmaw coming back since Ulamog is indestructible. That might have won the game. Great matches though, very fun to watch.

  11. Just…infinite cringes due to all the misplays. I’m way too competetive to enjoy this haha :D Ah well, that’s MY headache to be had. You both seem like adorable guys so you’re really blessed!

  12. As said earlier, No brolas 3.0? Me is disappoint. Unliked/Unbuddied/Through computer into fire :( ESPECIALLY since you passed him twice.

  13. I was laughing so hard when that guy was dead with brain freeze on the stack and emrakuul in library, then the scoop happend :(

  14. Sometime it may be better to use Terastodon on your own lands, it was the 3 tokens that killed you round 2 more then the shriekmaw returning

  15. Everyone please reply with the same comment. It shows how dumb you are for not reading what others have already posted.

  16. Yeah, match 2 last game blowing up Sorin, your own Survival and one of your lands would probably have been a better choice, he probably takes out the Thran Dynamo then leaving you with six mana still. He is showing reanimation with a Shriekmaw in the yard as a potential out as well which makes me think Ulamog is the better choice.

  17. Thanks a lot for doing what I never could. Although, despite all the fun, after round two I just couldnt take it any more. This probably was my first and last look at those vids. Although I guess Im not your target audience I do think that you guys are capable of shaping up a bit and I think that would add rather than subtract from the fun. Watching you wining with this deck was awesome!
    Watching you pasing cards like mindtwist when you have tons of fixing and ramp, scooping to the you-know-what play or geting killed by elephants that could have been your own blockers just.. meh.

  18. End of round two. Terastodon allows you to destroy UP TO three target nonland permanents. You could have just killed Sorin and left his lands intact, he would have gotten two less Elephants, taken you down to 2, and you could have potentially won on the swingback. Just, y’know, incase a Terastodon is ever pulled in Cube again.