LoadingReadyRun Draft #20: RTRare

(Sorry about the stuttering audio at the beginning of the videos this week. We fix it by the middle of Round 1. — Graham.)

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  1. What makes LimitedResources great, is that Marshall is entertaining, knowledgeable and actually not a bad player.

    This was just a catastrophe. First you just blindly trust the “suggest lands”-algorithm, when you should’ve at least played 1 more plains and 1 less island, because you had double white, and your blue cards were high curve (this even became relevant in the matches).

    Then in the first match you play the Volatile Rig, and luckily for you, the opponent is a horrible player. If he attacked you after that play, and you lost the flip, you would’ve been dead.

    In the second match you don’t even side in Stealer of Secrets when he’s clearly not blocking, and I can’t imagine a deck that Stealer would’ve been better against. It seems really lazy how you sideboarded and how you kept your hands.

    I couldn’t even watch round 3.

    Lastly you don’t even keep to your rule of rare drafting or even playing your rares.

    Your horrible play was the thing that ruined these videos.

  2. Howdy LRR,
    As a comedy draft you succeeded. The most comical part is you do not understand ramp. 3 lands and chromatic lantern means ramp up so you have 5 mana on turn 4 to have a chance at effecting the board, Unless you have a creature or spell to effectively change the board state on turn 3.

    I would be most interested in seeing you try to force an archetype like you suggested for your next draft.

  3. What Anthony said… This draft is listed under “comedy” and not under “we do everything correct”. Of course, the misplays are sometimes hard to bear for the one watching, but you have to remember that you yourself do them all the time, the difference being that no one criticises you afterwards for them ;)

    So just relax and enjoy it, and if you can’t then just don’t. But all this “OMG your mistake there was this and therefore I didn’t watch it cause you are dumb” is not really good criticism here, in a fun format.

    OT: Did enjoy the idea, you really needed an enemy with a slow, controlling deck, so you can go in the long game and get a few of those rares with real use online. Too bad your enemies were so fast in getting the win in. But one out of three ain’t bad :D

  4. I watch Marshal to get tips on how to play better, I watch LRR to laugh; either with or at i’m not too fussy ;)

  5. When I want to draft a goofy deck playing Swiss, I open nothing but serious bombs for pick ones (even on-color sometimes). Whenever I play 4322 or 8-4, I always open garbage that would make for goofy decks! So here are my suggestions for ya’ll:

    Guild Feud deck – when you open one P1P1 build a green/red ramp deck into a lot of nice fattys and have Guild Feud thrown in there just for fun if it comes up.

    Search the City – go ahead and take it P1P1 and draft all the blue/white or blue/red double cards you can and have it in there, again, just for fun if it comes up.

    All Defenders deck – I think you tried this already – I played it once with a total of 9 defenders (4 of the discard guys alone), and it did okay – it was very consistent.

    Lobber crew/Defense deck – many people to run this with Lobber crews, multi-color spells, and stab wounds, and some creatures to hide behind – works fairly well.

    Pyro/Gutter snipe deck – I would only try this if you get a Pyroconvergence in Pack 1, otherwise the draft will probably go against you.

    Death’s Presence/Black Control their creatures if they die – these cards never work they way you want them to, and since they are both rares it would probably be rare for you to get both of these to run – they are also so both expensive.

    Ethereal Armor deck – draft every enchantment you can find just for funsies! Set a goal for yourself to see how high you can make the armor get to – the problem is that type of deck is so easily blown out by removal or bounce!

  6. The trick to truly enjoying these videos is not to play or draft vicariously through them. I think many Magic players watch draft videos to get the same ‘rush’ as they would from drafting themselves and then get jerked back into horrible, horrible reality when different decisions (maybe wrong ones, maybe not) are made by the casters than they would. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

  7. I have to agree that not playing foresight in a “rare draft” deck that could fetch syncopate/dispel, surge/injunction, and revelation/cancel made the deck so much less fun. :( Oh well.

  8. I would like to see the Psychic Spiral Deck- Where you use Chronic Flooding on yourself to self mill your entire deck out followed by psychic spiraling them

  9. I wanna see the Horns and Spikes Draft.

    A bit like the orginal hat draft but you have to take the card with the best Horns or Spikes.

    If no horns or spikes in the cards then you get a free pick.

    Great job once again gents!

  10. Now that I think about it, it would have been cool if they had designed Isperia as the anti-Niv-Mizzet. “Whenever you gain life, you may draw that many cards,” would have been flavorful and really tied the two cards together. Make her cost seven, it would have been sweet.

  11. I think you should have made an exception and passed search the city because it was 100% going to table out of that pack.

  12. Most importantly, I can’t believe we passed a rare. Apologies to all! I guess we just assumed there wouldn’t be one that late.

    As to not PLAYING all the rares, we never do. I feel like trying to make Death’s Presence happen is pretty respectable… even if it never did :(

    Thanks for the great suggestions folks! We’ll be sure to do something super fun next time. Perhaps it’s time for another storytime draft? And hopefully technical concerns won’t distract us, and we can tighten up our game a bit.

  13. Wow.. Some people don’t understand the word ‘comedy’!

    To those expecting serious drafts from this LRR Comedy Draft.. What is your deal? Relaaaaax. So what if they missed *enter specific card here*? It’s for lulz.

  14. Who agrees that chromatic lantern is a relevant first pick in virtually every draft. I LOVE chromatic lantern because it makes it way easier to move into a third or fourth color.