LoadingReadyRun Draft #21: Return to Storytime

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  1. You guys left some serious meat on those bones, but I love the effort anyway.
    Seriously, “Eyes in the Sky” and you think “bird watching” and not “jealous and paranoid guild mates spying on Fern?”

  2. This was a lot of fun, I laughed a lot (especially at the Azorius radio). I hope Kathleen’ll join you for more of these in the future.

  3. I’m sorry guys, but the story portion was really lame. I could honestly easily come up with something better on the fly. Just do funny drafts where you have clear rules of what to take. No need to try to be too creative. I would enjoy it more if you would draft the cards with stupid rules, but would then try to make it work as well as possible. You already tried to justify taking good cards by coming up with stories for them, when the story should have been everything. She was also not funny, I’m sorry to say. Nothing personal against her. First time I didn’t watch all the videos.

  4. (dicks)

    Also, jesus manascrew christ, how did we lose to that deck round 1?

    (also, dicks)

  5. Well, despite what others have said, I thought this was one of the funnier drafts yet. I think Kathleen helped make the draft really excellent if a little not safe for kids :P. Loved it all, hope to have Kathleen on more, but am also excited to get James back. Thanks guys!

  6. It’s amazing how people can get so serious about comedy.

    Loved the first storytime draft, and this one is probably even better. The storyteller inside my wanted to see you guys make it so various parts of the story take time and progression to reach instead of rushing so quickly to the part where they already met somehow, but whatever. Good times were still had and I was restraining myself from laughing too hard in the library.

    Also your website implied more dick jokes than there actually were. I feel cheated.

  7. @knx – So I should cancel my “Kathleen voicemail of the month” service then? Pity, I was going to give you a complimentary account. :P

  8. looked up ertzi because I figured there would be all sorts of awesome stuff attributed to the name, only found an instagram account with a bunch of justin beiber stuff…so there’s that.

  9. This LRR Draft probably contains my second favourite LRR draft quote of all time after “Even Homicidal Brutes need to look stylish”.

    Kathleen – “You can be serious about your work, but if you get the chance to bang hot twins…… you gotta go for that”.

  10. God, I’ve waited so long for this to happen again, and with Ravnica, there’s a good story script right there!

    Thank you for the fun :) And Kathleen was the right choice for this kind of thing, she did add some spicyness to the whole affair.

  11. kathleen – “aaand by patchouli i mean danknugs,” immediately followed up by the giant growth in cedric’s pants lololol
    you guys are awesome, stream more often!

  12. Hah, that was brilliant. When I saw it was Kathleen joining you, I suspected she might let her competitivity take over, but she was hilarious :)

    I love these storytime drafts.

  13. I would have cut the imposter, becasue you deck is very mana hungry with the ”love birds” arestting people and making copies of themselves….

    Are they twins or the same Fern poplulated???

  14. Surely on their second date, since it’s an inter-guild romance they’d go for a walk along the Transguild Promenade rather than back to the guildgate under the watchful eyes (in the skies) of the Selesnya?

  15. Wow, i havnt seen any of your other videos but if Kathleen isnt on all of them i think thats a greater travesty than not including the damn keyrune to fix your three color deck. They aren’t only for ramping.
    If there is a voice mail of the month from Kathllen, put my name down. I dig chicks who find humor in ffm’s.

  16. the lore on the imposter was wrong! it wasnt kidnapping furn, it pretends to be furn until she reveals herself as the infamous faerie imposter to mislead those rougish izzet and ragdos punks and guide that scary ghosts away from her! it was a little agent of cedric to protect furn ;)

  17. How did you get MTGO to work on a Mac? I tried to get it on mine the other day but it didn’t work. I thought it was just for those PC elitists.

  18. I thought it might be Bootcamp. I used to have that, now my HD is so full it wouldn’t be worth making a Windows partition. I could try Parallels though.