LoadingReadyRun Draft #22: Maximum Greed

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  1. Nice vids, always fun……except for the nonstop clinking of ice cubes. Microphones are sensitive. Lol

  2. After watching your guys regular videos, I watched your “Friday Nights” spinoff

    After watching Friday Nights, I watched your draft videos

    After watching your draft videos, I watched some Limited Resources

    And now I’m playing MTGO

    I needed that time and money for homework and food. I blame you guys.

  3. Scratch that, point about the knight still stands but i really need to actually think before I comment sometimes…..

  4. Yay Leels! Did you guys teach her MtG yet?
    You could have her do an inexperienced-player-who-is-also-a-girl-and-a-friend-draft! Maybe that’s more convenient than the mom-draft?
    And always nice to have a Jer nearby for making these videos somewhat educational.

    I always try to imagine the opponent’s face when you just play your lands. They must think you accidentally the RtR guilds/shards/submit/derp until you trample them with bigger pigs and less big angels!

  5. The way he killed you match 4 was the best. Playing undercity plague when you had 1 creature, 1 card in hand and 1 life was too perfect. :)

  6. Another suggestion for a future draft:
    A-life Draft: Take every card which can give life, like lifelink (good cards) and all the life giving cards you otherwise never take (bad cards).

    The same could be done with artefacts because you seem to don’t like them either.

  7. Hey Guys!
    Smite is a great card, for sure. But with only 12 creatures, it is way too situational. Mugging and Devour Flesh are often better than Smite. Running one copy is okay, but two copies only work if you have enough creatures and more than 2 of them should fly…

  8. You should try to do a draft where you attempt to draft 2 separate decks (or as separate as possible) and then switch decks between games.

  9. Suggestion for a future draft
    Name : How NOT to curve
    Draft the card with the lowest mana cost in the first pack then go mana cost + 1 for the second pick and so on, if there are no longer any cards with higher mana costs, start over again at 0.

  10. Hey I think I just came up with another comedy draft idea.
    Title : Pun-ishment game
    You must make a pun using the card you want to pick before the timer runs out, or else you will have to let it go to auto pick