LoadingReadyRun Draft #23: Borzhov

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  1. I have yet another idea for a draft.
    Worst pick of the pack
    Pick the worst pick of the pack in a vacuum (similar to the time you guys did the exact opposite), and proceed to demonstrate precisely why it never makes the cut in any remotely sensible draft deck.

  2. Hey guys,

    Love these humor drafts although this one was a bit on the normal borzov side but hey, hard to argue with that first pick. As for suggestions, you where already talking about a gate deck but a spin-off on that could be a greed deck with lots of colors/bombs going of of a verdant haven + gates + greenside watcher combo.

    @saum nunca: they are using the new beta client.

  3. Thanks for considering it…
    Although if you want somewhat of a more random but equally hilarious draft, try this one. Me and some friends did this in a four man pod.
    It’s called : Call the play
    So… you know how football QB’s call out seemingly random numbers and colors before their plays? Why don’t you try the same?
    The color you call is the only one you can pick.
    The number you call is the only one you can pick (position in the pack)
    BUT if you happen to call color and position right, the play has succeeded, and thus the choice is yours to make. You can then pick any card in the pack.

  4. The Gates draft sounds like it’ll be fun, no matter what direction it goes into. Another thing that might be fun would be to do an air draft, or a water draft, where eveything drafted must be in the air or submerged in some matter.

  5. In response to the4thera draft idea might I suggest a compromise between draft humour and game potential where by they have to play 5 of the non basic land cards picked up as the 12th through 15th card in their packs, a cream of the crap draft as it were. The ~20% low value card composition should still show why such cards are all but ignored while allowing the resulting deck to still have answers for whatever is played against them, hopefully making the games less frustrating. This would allowing some semblance of strategy during the draft to enable the during draft conversation, as you would be able to start guessing what might have to play as early as pack 1 pick 4, while adding an extra level of consideration as you could either try to make what you currently have to play work or ignore the current selection hoping to replace some of them later on. That said it would make the draft itself less amusing and you pretty much lose that worst card discussion but, fortunately for me, it is not on me to figure out which is overall better any ways.

  6. Iron Chef Draft: Randomly pick a common from the set. This is today’s feature ingredient. You have to pick that card every time you see it and play with however many you draft. Not too bad for, say, Madcap Skills, possibly difficult with Tin Street Market or something. :)

  7. In response to the question of why aristocrat’s background features a tablet of all the guilds minus simic:

    I believe that after or during the events of the first ravnica block the simic guild was destroyed somehow (I don’t know the story, something to do with mormir vig) and now in gatecrash the merfolk come from the depths and are the new simic. It does seem a bit odd that they’d take the name and iconography of a dead guild…but I guess they’re doing it.

  8. Have you guys ever Double Drafted? That seems right up your alley. The goal is two draft two different decks at the same time The rules are this:
    1. In game two, you must completely switch out you sideboard with you deck, including lands.
    2. The two decks can only share one color, and must be functionally separate.
    3. One deck must contain 23 of your drafted cards, the other must contain the other 22.

  9. If you ever have the chance to Biovisionary and Stolen Identity and don’t do it…I don’t know if my love is that strong. There’s so many unblockable creatures in this set (dimir keyrune, the rogues, way of the thief, krasis) all within those colors.

    Also, totally missed that option in this draft. I wonder if the last guy you faced was running it.

  10. Gate Deck with as many gates as you can get crackling perimeter, greenside warden, and gateway shades might be fun to try

  11. Impatient draft:

    You MUST play a card or attack every turn, regardless of how bad a play it seems to be. You’ll probably have to get a bunch of cheap spells to guarantee you can do SOMETHING every turn.

  12. You guys should do a draft where you can never pick the same colours twice in a row, so if you take a red/white card first pick, you can’t take another red or white card the second pick :D

    Or one where the first pick (or the rare) of every first pick declares the colours youn can pick from that pack :D So if you pick aurelia first pack you have to only pick red and white cards that entire pack, but if theres a rubblehulk in the second pack you can only take red and green cards for that entire pack :D

  13. This was only the second LRR I stopped watching after the first video. I am not angry or anything, and I will now calmly explain why I stopped watching.

    You have to ask yourselves, what is your purpose? What was different about this compared to the million other straight-up “drafting good decks” drafts out there? Nothing, and this is sad, because I have seen your funny hats videos.

    I believe that the purpose of this series is more to be funny than trying to draft good decks, which would make this draft a failure. I’m sorry but if I want to watch competent play, I will watch Simon or LSV. You guys are supposed to be wacky, so please at least try. I want you to try to draft off-beat, strange decks. That is why I personally watch you guys. The moment you simply start drafting regular decks I will stop watching.

    You also chose to go with Boros, which is the most boring guild by leaps and bounds. I still love you guys, but this was a total failure as a part of the LRR comedy draft series.

  14. How is 2 black sources enough? You could easily play 2 swamps and the gate, without ruining your mana base.

  15. I think you (and everyone else) misses something on the cackling perimeters : they need you to tap a gate to do 1 damage. SO : there is NO point in having more then one, cause they all need to be activated by tapping them first and then a gate, so eacht gate can only be used once each turn no matter how many perimeters you own.
    Or do I read the card wrong ?

  16. The Eyeball Draft — alternately picking cards with the most and fewest visible eyeballs. Defining ‘visible’ leaves room for interpretation.

    Contaminated Ground could find a place in the no attack/extort deck.