LoadingReadyRun Draft #24: Count It

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  1. Epic final game in round 3, and poetic justice that the Ooze pulled out the win.

    One note, in that final game when he cast Smite on your Ceratok, rather than putting him back in your hand you could have just given all your permanents hexproof with one of the other modes of Simic Charm. You would have missed out on an evolve trigger on the Shark but you get to both kill his blocker and hit him for some damage with the trample.

    Also I think you nicely balanced out taking Gideon by both taking and playing Unexpected Results, so no foul there.

  2. It didn’t end up mattering, but in round one game two, you played the second miming use then used the burst of strength as a combat trick. That niggled me as you predicted you’d need to burst of strength on the Ceratok, and then you would have had a 5/5 ooze off of the miming ooze instead of a 4/4 if you’d played it second main. But that’s just a little thing. Great videos as always guys :)

  3. Great draft, wish you had a second game in round two though. Also watch all your stuffs, ALL your stuffs. Something Motivated me to write a reply and tell you how much I love your “wakey” drafts they are the highlight of my fortnight. Thanks so much for giving me something to look forward to on a regular basis for the last …er while now.

  4. I’ve been waiting for the most recent LRR draft and I was not disappointed.

    Excellent, especially at the bottom of Match 3.

    I would post a bunch of small ways in which you could play better. When you said ‘you can stop yelling at the screen’ I was really surprised you knew exactly what I was doing.

  5. Game 3 playing the Raptor instead of Ivy Lane Denizen was really bad

    Turn 4: Denizen into turn 5 Raptor + Ooze Flux into turn 6 Triple activation (if you draw the 6th land) is way better than any line you can produce by playing only the Raptor on turn 4. Playing the Raptor on turn 4 is the equivalent of skipping that turn for 1 extra +1/+1 Counter after a few turns and is nowhere near worth it.

    You underestimate the power of Ooze Flux. Just with a single Ivy Lane Denizen it produces a 1/1 ooze for every G1 you have.

  6. Spectacular draft guys! When you Simic Charmed your Ceratok back to your hand I was hoping you wouldn’t pull a Loucksasaurus and forget it could also give all your creatures hexproof to prevent the smite, but replaying it also evolved your Shambleshark, so I guess it was a better choice.

    I’ve been wanting to see how well an ooze flux could do in a counter heavy deck, but I never thought of putting it with a couple of ivy lane denizens. That last game was great, thanks for the video.

  7. Hey, I was going to make all kinds of remarks about plays, but you realised and pointed most of them out yourselves :)
    I also shouted at the screen just as you told me I could stop!
    Nearly, nearly gave up on Round 3, but glad I stuck with it
    Finally, how many other people watching in full screen had to check that it wasn’t their copy of Windows expiring?

  8. Didn’t read the other comments, so sorry if this was already said.
    Game 1 Round 3 – you were looking to get rid of your creature with thousand lashes on it – block the 4/4 guy with your anemones – it takes 2 or 3 damage, then pit fight the 4/4 guy with your 2/3 guy with thousand lashes on it – both creatures die!

  9. Love the draft, thank you for posting. Just one quick comment regarding Match 3 Game 1: You guys are extremely afraid of the Ruffian it seems. But I’d like to point out that blocking the Ruffian with your Anemones and discarding the Pit Fight vs. Using the Pit Fight on a later turn, both will trade your Pit Fight in hand for the Ruffian in play, except that you will lose less life if you block/discard than if you wait, take damage, and then Pit Fight. — unless you are just worried about a combat trick taking out your Anemones (but since he played Lashes pre-combat this wasnt a consideration)

  10. You messed up the name of the draft. It shouldn’t have been called “Count on it”, it should have been called “Ooze your daddy?”
    Thanks for the draft, guys. These are always my favorite drafts to watch.

  11. Round 1, Game 3. The Ooze Flux, Burst of Strength turn. If you burst of strength the shark and pump the sprite and swing with the team, it is actually lethal just without the Ooze Flux.

  12. I can’t believe you guys kept passing on Forced Adaptation! If you had all 4 (I think there were a total of 4) in your deck, and got them all out, you’d have a 4/4 each turn, AT MINIMUM, once you could afford to use your Enchantment.

    So disappoint!