LoadingReadyRun Draft #25: Mono 2-Drops

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  1. Game 3 : what happened was, he scooped because bomber corps would trigger before blocks and burn out the horror token, effectively not giving him two blockers available.

  2. I love this so much. You could just see in the other players’ decks how the drafting affected them. It was delicious.

    Definitely going to give something like this a try… Maybe with more whips, though.

  3. These are always so much fun to watch. Is there any way to find out when you’re playing and draft with you?

  4. I’m not sure if everyone else had terrible luck, or you really did cripple their decks by taking all the two drops, but that was awesome. I feel like whips might have been a little better in the mono 2-drop deck, since they’d give you some reach when your opponent finally manages to get something out, but they might have slowed you down too much. Seriously great game, keep up the awesome drafts. =)

  5. Hi Graham; just wanted to say that this was probably the most hilarious one of your drafts so far, maybe because of the sheer bewilderment you both seemed to exude as to the (SPOILER for the videos from here on out) effectiveness of your deck.

    Also, m3g2 I think your opponent conceded because he saw that you could bomber corps away the horror token, swing in, and keep his rat locked down indefinitely thanks to the hands of binding.

  6. I’m so glad the4thera brought that up – when I was watching I was thinking “BOMBER CORPS, GRAHAM.”

    By the way, super proud of what has taken place, here. Never would have expected such great plays to emerge from a four-color deck of two-drops :D

  7. Since you mentioned it, and someone is probably wondering… – there are 9 rares in Gatecrash with CMC 2. 4 of them are X spells… 5 are true 2-drops: Signal the Clans (ehh), Illusionist’s Bracers (ew), Blind Obedience (OK), Gyre Sage (ooh) and High Priest of Penance (woo).


  8. Great draft, you guys!
    However, I think there’s a good argument for cutting white and inserting some of the Whips or the Hydroform instead. Makes the mana base more stable.
    Also I think that a TOWER DEFENSE would be great in a deck with creatures that have such a low toughness. It can enable good blocks in situations that would otherwise be hopeless. Plus: your opponents never see THAT coming.

  9. Wow!
    Great draft, sure your opponents got a little unlucky, but how much was that down to them having run compromised decks?
    You could almost use this an example of how to amplify the power of a fun goofy deck by stunting the early game of everybody else. I now need to go back and re-watch the draft to see how many 2 drop creatures you saw in total, what proportion of them you picked up and how many were left for the other 7 drafters.

  10. Only bad thing: playing the Verdant Haven – I’m seeing that it is a good card in the deck – but come on: Having the choice between 23 2-drops and 22-drops and a Verdant Haven it makes me sad to see the Haven :( [and making your "curve" so much worse!]

  11. Thanks to the twitch drafts you run, all shuffler-related whining is just translated to “ING SHUFFLER”.

    Also, hilarious draft. Cheers.

  12. I like how the weird 4-colour monstrosity managed to have workable mana most of the time and the boring 2-colour (+maybe a splash or two) stuff your opponents were running stumbled a bit here and there XD
    Also a valuable lesson to be learned, apart from 2-drops being important, is to have removal. Just about any decent removal could’ve hosed the madcap skills beatdowns, but your opponents didn’t seem to have it (apart from that hands, but I wouldn’t call that premium removal).

  13. That was awesome! Thanks.
    I think maybe you should build a caveat into your rules of drafting that allows you pick up fixing over “the rule” after the wheel in pack 2 and for all of pack 3.

  14. A new draft archetype is born,
    draft all the two drops,
    send all the signals,
    and count on your opponent stumbling 1 game in 3.
    fantastic video.
    I assume many others like myself were shouting “look at your bomber corps” in the last game

  15. “Proof positive that Gatecrash is a two drop Clan Defiance dominated format.”

  16. I haven’t watched the matches yet, nor read the comments, i just wanted to stop and say this as a general reaction to every of the really fun forced decks: Please pick fixing WAY HIGHER.

    I would much rather you ACTUALLY PLAY all of your spells that do dumb things..than sit there getting mana hosed all the time.

    Example: Verdant Haven, I know you wanted mono 2 drops but you could have had several.

    Also, you passed like 3 gates where you took something you didn’t seem to want.

  17. Awesome guys! These turn out so much better when you choose a restriction and stick to it for the entire draft. Super fun to watch, great job!

  18. dudes, awesome vids!!!! Thanks for posting in the new client. I’m starting to become more comfortable with it as I watch the very few people posting with it.

  19. M1G2 I note that you sing “Stars and Stripes Forever” to celebrate your victory. Not that I am complaining, but this does not seem very Canadian of you. Love the vids, BTW.

  20. I just tried this out, and I have to say I want to do it again, but I want to do it when I open some crazy mythic like big BoBo or something. I decided to be a bit more lenient, to prioritize the prisms and gates higher, I could only get 1 greenside watcher and 2 gates…but i got 2 breeding pools and 3 prophetic prisms.

    I ended up with 6 basilica screechers and a syndic of tithes, which let me keep spending more mana. Didn’t even need whips.

    But I always ended up with TONS of mana available and I was hoping there was some beefy bomb to go nuts with. I did have several charms and I let a single Spark trooper in the deck (and 2 verdant havens) I never got to pull off the spark trooper + something + boros charm for double strike combo, but spark trooper + extorting for 4 was a 20 point life swing (okay so he chumped with an occulus he couldn’t pump, so 17 point swing). It was NASTY.

    Wish I had gotten a ground assault!

    by LRR….
    Step 1) draft as many colors as possible
    Step 2) draw perfect mana
    Step 3) let opponents draw only one color
    Step 4) Win.
    As you can see the science of LRR is irrefutable. I highly suggest you try it out.

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