LoadingReadyRun Draft #26: The 23rd Card

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  1. I think “not much creatures u got…” is gonna be my new sign-off for every game of MTGO I play, win or lose. Something like, “GG, not much creatures u got…”.

    Not sure if the issue with the deck submission made this better or worse. It was hilarious for sure, but it robbed us of 3 games of the masterpiece you guys actually put together.

    Also, WTF is with your guys luck with Crackling Perimeter? This was literally the perfect deck for it and you get one very early and then poof, none to be seen. I still have faith it will happen one day, but come on MTGO you’re really dropping the ball here.

  2. Really hilarious and awful deck this time, I laughed so much. I’m also going to call Horror of the Dim Jack Wang from now on.

  3. Wow. Never thought I’d know what a true blowout would look like. Especially with the 80 card deck for turn one. ggs.

  4. As awful as this draft went, it made me laugh more than any other draft you guys have ever done. Between the mis-submit, the awesomeness with Hold the Gates, that final game as a whole, “not much creatures u got…”, inventing a new nickname for Horror of the Dim, getting killed by an extort trigger off of Merciless Eviction and a 48/48 Consuming Aberration, there was so much great stuff here, even if it was mostly at your expense. So great.

  5. You guys may not have had fun playing it but on our end, I think that was probably your funniest video set yet outside the hat draft. Dying at the end of round 1 when you guys make that discovery.

  6. FYI, in case it ever happens again: you can save and load your deck from the deck builder (it’s in the right-click menu in the beta client). It can save you some time in sideboarding to your actual deck when the submit fails like this.

    Also, I’m sad that you got the Crackling Perimeter early in the draft, and a bunch of gates, and never got to cast it. Such a shame.

    I think I’ll start referring to Crocanura as “Jack Wang” in the future… since that’s a lot more playable than Horror of the Dim, it’ll probably come up more often.
    Actually, he seems pretty prolific at illustrating 23rd/24th cards… Crocanura is like the only card he’s made that I’m actually happy to play, most of the time…

  7. Yeah, I have to agree with that it was one of the funniest things I have seen from you guys. also has anyone suggested drafting a monocolored deck in this or the upcomming format?

  8. Lousy rules this time – great set of videos! See you tomorrow night hopefully!

  9. Hi, I am just starting to look at MGTO and played a few games in the Free Trial. I noticed that the interface is a lot different and nicer in these videos than what I have been using. Is this because I haven’t actually paid for the game yet? Thanks. I find these videos very entertaining!

  10. That Match 1 was hilarious

    As soon as you said ’80 card deck’, I was thinking . . . it would be hilarious if you went up against a dedicated mill deck . . . lol and behold

    Game 2, I kept screaming at my screen “GAIN LIFE WITH THE TIGER!”
    I’m glad you heard me eventually

  11. @MarkA
    They are using the open beta client. It’s a future version of MTGO still in testing stages.

  12. You guys should do one where you draft each pack around the rare/mythic you open, regardless of the previous packs, so when you get to deck building you have three different decks you’re trying to meld together. It certainly couldn’t go any worse than this.

  13. That was awesome, sometimes you guys have to go through hell for our entertainment. A failed deck submission made it pretty obvious you’d play a mill deck round 1, what else could it possibly be?!

    I’ve been playing a budget standard deck recently with Hold the Gates, it’s surprisingly effective with High Priest of Penance, Vampire Nighthawk and so on. Once you get rolling you can just always attack for free, blocking a High Priest with boosted toughness is a fools errand :)

    Also, where the hell was the perimeter? I think Wizards put that card in the set just to troll LRR, you never seem to be able to get there with it, while the rest of us are doomed to see 5 per draft.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Between this and the Hat Deck, I don’t know which is my favorite. Both sets of videos had me rolling. I really felt for you guys, but it was too funny.

    How about an artist deck? Your first 5 picks can be any card, but from that point on for the rest of the draft you can only pick/use in your deck cards from those 5 artists. In honor of Jack Wang. =D

  15. That was painful…and quite funny.

    I was thinking drafting “the Timmy-est” deck possible could be entertaining. Every pick should aim to be a card Timmy would love.

  16. Regarding the tiger in round 1, people seem to often forget what bad cards that aren’t usually played do. I’ve won a game because my opponent forgot that Bellows Lizard can be pumped.

  17. Awwww man you guy, gaining 2 life off of the tiger round 1 game 3 would’ve done it. *shakes head sadly*

  18. I totally feel u guys. The other day (before I watched ur video) the exact same thing happened to me. When I saw my hand it was like “WTF?!!! When did I put a mountain here??!!”, and then I saw my 80 cards library T_T

    It sucked, and I think MTGO should definitely look into this and figure out how they can prevent this sort of thing from happening. Seeing as how they’re releasing a Beta anyway, now is a good time.

  19. Anyone else notice that they only played 22 spells in their 23rd card deck?

  20. This is actually really gratifying. I did my first MTGO draft last week after really enjoying your drafts, and made exactly the same mistake. I had people messaging me about the Game Details, as I was losing 2 to none in about five minutes each round. They had to check I really was that bad! :D

  21. I don’t know if it’s been suggested yet, but have you guys thought about the random draft (i.e. letting the timer go to zero each time). You could talk about the cards in the pack, and what you would like and then there’s the moment of truth. Could be fun.

  22. I gotta agree with some of the others, this was absolutely hilarious. I especially loved Graham’s freak out at the end of round 3. It was painful to watch, but in the best way ever.