LoadingReadyRun Draft #29: Keep the Gates

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  1. R2 G2 when he scooped, you had him dead there. Smelt-ward to steal his sin collector, jump the beetleform mage, attack for 10.

  2. I think the Gates/Gatekeeper decks are supposed to stall the game out until you draw into something powerful. In the long game, they just aren’t all that useful, as we see here.

  3. You seem to completely ignore the fact that you can Far (in addition to the UW 2-drop) your Gatekeepers while Awaying your opponent. I don’t think it really came up much, but reusing a Smeltward Gatekeeper on an opponent’s 5/4 trample seems a lot more useful than bouncing it, even if you are on low life total.

    Super happy that you managed to see the “Far the Maze Glider”-play in the last game. If you had missed that too, I would have facepalmed so hard, I would have knocked myself out propably.

  4. Troll/impostor kezzerdrix strikes again, i always state why i dont like these.

  5. No, I’m the real kezzerdrix. I actually loved this. They’re fun. Fun is the best.

  6. Impostorkezzerdrix: as long as you agree with me, impostor all you want :D

  7. Whether its Graham, James, or Kathleen sitting at the computer, the draft usually ends up mono-white. You could change that if you brought Cam for one of these videos (I think), but honestly . . . mono-white is fine.

  8. Fun times – thanks for trying this obvious idea.

    Ideas for the full Dragon’s Maze, Gatecrash, Return to Ravnica:

    1. Take all the gates – 5-color goodness – Travis Woo is the bomb at that format but it is fun to watch!
    2. Defender deck – much more viable now with the Izzet Defender guys in pack 1 and all the great RTR defenders as usual. I don’t think Gatecrash adds much to that plan.
    3. Mill deck – so many great ways to mill now – almost too dependent, though, on drawing a great mill card first in Dragon’s Maze.
    4. Maze Deck – win with Maze if you ever open it!
    5. If you want to be completely contrarian to the spirit of this set – go MONO-colored – black would be best with an excellent removal suite, red could go the distance will all the direct damage and good mono-colored creatures, blue/white/green would probably be tough.

  9. We all know its me and not you.

    These videos are shameful for mtgoacademy in 2 ways.

    1) they show a player play a 4-3-2-2- which should be boycotted due to its awful prize structure.

    2) They show a player play the beta, which should be boycotted due to its awfulness.

  10. Some thoughts about Loading Ready Run:

    1) First a disclaimer – this is the first LRR video Iv’e watched in a VERY long while, so I’m basing everything in this post on this one video

    2) You are very fun to watch! I would really like to go to a convention or tournament with people like you! Also, incredibly refreshing to have a girl doing draft videos – I think that’s new to me. Codus for that, and Kathelyn (sorry for the probably misspelled name) – you are awesome. Convince your other female friends to play magic, too! the world would be a better place.

    3) You people are not incredibly good at Magic. Of course this comes as a comparison to all those other proffesional, world leading players recording their drafts, so maybe my measurment is skewed a bit, but still, some of the plays Iv’e seen were really jarring to watch (m1g1, turn 3 – how could anyone play divination over a creature in that spot? divination is awesome, but it’s good when you either need to dig to find something, or when there is no actual play to improve the board state. Plus in that specific situation you actualy had to discard a card, making divination more a cycler than a card advantage enabler), and they actualy turned me off from the videos a bit. Which leads to my next point…

    4) Suggestion – there are some real pros contributing to this site, and they are all very focused on educating the more casual players – like me and you guys at LRR. I think it would be AWESOME if you could do drafts with some of the pros – Marshal springs to mind, especialy after his hosting you in his podcast in what I consider a very fun episode. If you were to pair with Marshal for drafts, you could provide a more light side to things, and also represent the way a more average player thinks, while through a dialog with you Marshal will be able to make the reasoning behind his plays clearer to most viewers. I don’t know if this is possible, logisticaly speaking, but please consider making an effort to do that, as I believe that will greatly improve the quelity of your work.

    Cheers :)

    P.S, I really wasn’t looking to troll when I commented about your skill at Magic… someone at Channel Fireball made a great article about the fact that there’s no such a thing as “good players” or “bad players”, and that people tend to judge such things in a subjective, misguided way, so just feel free to disregard me completley on that front. The point stands, though, that Marshal plays Magic on an entirley different level and we all have a lot to learn from him.

  11. I second the notion of a LRR/Marshal crossover draft video. It would be entertaining to see Marsh try to talk you guys into taking “correct” picks. Not bashing you guys, I’m a huge fan. The only video’s I watch anymore are yours and Marshal’s, and your and Kenji’s Twitch streams.

  12. 1) CLEARLY these guys are playing for prizes, and not playing a 4-3-2-2 is TOTALLY going to convince them to change anything

    2)OBVIOUSLY, betas are supposed to be perfect and not at all an early release that depends on many people using it to point out all the problems, and not using it will WITHOUT A DOUBT make it better.

    3) im kezzerdrix

  13. if someone lrr a rgd draft, and went for the more normal gates/gatekeeper thing in the first pack and opened a crackling perimeter in the second, would you take it and force the perimiter deck?

  14. I would also like to see another LRR/Marshal draft video. The first one(LRR Draft #14) was hilarious. I would also like to see a RtR block draft focus on gates and things that interact with gates.

  15. Great job with the comedy drafting, as usual! It is nice to see someone having fun with triple DGM. Keep up the good work!

  16. Had typed that out before I found it! It was M13 draft with never attacking.

  17. Just a clarification of my original intents: When I suggested a Limited Resources/Loading Ready Run team-up, I wasn’t talking about doing the funky drafting – I meant actual drafting with the intent of winning (while having fun, of course). The funky drafts you can do on your own and you really don’t need anyone else to help with them, youv’e got funky under control here. But the same kind of attitude you have which makes Funky fun to watch can make a regular draft mmore fun, while Marshall’s expertise in winning should make sure the draft remains an educational video as well.

  18. please before triple dgm goes away do a goblin testpilot draft I want to see the hilarity before the chance is gone

  19. First-time commenter, long-time viewer here. Always entertaining to see Kathleen showing up to try to push the Spike perspective. This was an exciting one for me to watch, since I love going deep on gates. It’s too bad you didn’t have much of a high end to the deck, though. I think gatekeeper decks really want a couple expensive bombs to close out the game in case you don’t grind them out in card advantage before then.

    Keep up the great videos!

  20. Any way to mute Kezz (in all his iterations)?

    As to those wanting to make LRR better drafters and players, they have their own level of skill – watch them when they solo on Thursday nights usual, and neither is “bad” per se. But especially when they do these videos, they are going for the laughs and the silly things they do.

    Graham actually did do the Crackling Perimeter deck on one of his Thursday night streams – won one game with it.

    Graham was actually on the Community Team in one of the WOTC vs. Community a few years back, so he is not a complete newb to this. He just shows us what the reality is for more of us that get in maybe one or two drafts a week versus Marshall, Simon, and other grinders like Travis Woo and Kenji. I have all heard them claim to be upwards of 50+ drafts in each format by the end of it (and Kenji is probably well over 100).

    Also Marshall had the LRR crew on his Limited Resources podcast, and they held their own pretty well in the strategy discussions and even were quite honest with their levels of play and what they are doing to get better.

    But I would much rather watch them for the laughs!

  21. You guys have fun draft ideas- but man the play is painful to watch at times. I know its like a “everyone on the internet thinks they are better at magic” kinda thing, but there were some plays in game 1 that were REALLY bad. Just durdling around choosing to not play around anything, always.

    On top of that I can’t stand how enamored you guys are with losing. “if he does X and wins I’ll be so excitedly impressed!” ugh. Your viewers won’t. Play around X instead.