LoadingReadyRun Draft #30: RTR Block Rare Draft

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  1. Man, Battleshaper is the stone nutter butters. As for the draft, I do think you should have taken the Crocanura over the Balustrade Spy. You were making a durdle deck, you had so many big creatures to evolve the Croc, and you didn’t have a lot in the way of dealing with fliers. It would’ve been ridiculously good in your deck.

  2. No double block on the Stealer in M1G2 for the two for one? Sure the extort, but that stealer was going to do work.

  3. Is it just me, or does the draft video glitch out around 12:30, leaving just the audio?

  4. It seems like there’s a problem with the transcode at YouTube’s end… the 1080p and 720p versions are fine, but all the smaller ones cut off at around the 12:30 mark (just before the halfway point of the video). I recommend going for the 720p version if your connection can handle it.

  5. Armada Wurm was absolutely the correct pickup in M3G3. The card you kept trying to play around was Devour Flesh. Armada Wurm puts out 2 threats, conveniently making Devour Flesh a non-issue. Instead you handed the opponent 3 turns while you played out creatures and fed them to his tricks (both of which you’d seen before, both adding only +1 power, which the wurms get around vs. his board) 1 after another.

  6. M1G3 – “He just felt like doing some things before conceding”… also, he just realised that Watery Grave isn’t a Gate… his Gatekeepers didn’t trigger.

  7. In both games where you had Plasm Capture, Morgue Burst would have actually done something. In both cases you could have cast it, it would have killed a creature, and you might have been able to cast the creature as a blocker depending on what you returned. It’s mana is also a lot easier.

  8. I feel like critiquing your play is not in the spirit of LRR, but M3G3 you had so many ways to protect yourself from the mind rot effect by either leaving up cluestone crack mana or not playing the land…

    Instead, in true LRR fashion, you played the land AND didn’t leave up cluestone mana. Oh well, these were super sweet videos and a very cool deck. I love them, it makes me sad that I have to wait two weeks between videos.

  9. I definitely think that Armada Wurm was the pick in M3G3. Your opponent was screwed on mana, and you don’t need a control card like Battleshaper, you need 10 trampling power to kill your opponent before they recover the mana situation. Also, Armada Wurm, by being two creatures, plays around Devour Flesh better.

  10. thx for the video was fun to watch…
    game1match3 your gave up to early in my opinion (or i missed something)

    if u play battleshaper precombat declare his watcher as blocker attack with guard (vigilance). – so u killed watcher and u have 2 blockers next turn
    pass turn
    declare justiciar as not able to attack…and the healer as attacker eat the healer block 1 token go to 1…still dead to tricks but worth trying, isnt it?

  11. Jarad’s Orders – You don’t have to put a creature into your graveyard, which may be important as it decreases your chance of drawing creatures (though it does increase the chance of drawing bombs)

  12. LRR are a comedy troupe. So I’d imagine their focus with matches are entertainment.

  13. M3G1 you conceded, but you weren’t dead (and had a good shot at winning). Sure he had 5 creatures (+vine), you only had the Armory Guard and 4 life. But you could have played the Battleshaper and forced the Gatekeeper to jump the Guard.
    On his turn he has three 3/3′s a 4/4 and zero cards. He can scavange one of his creatures, but if he does so you can simple stop that one from attacking and forcing another one to attack. If he attacks with all you go to 1 (since you can block only 2) but you can eat one of his guys. So he has 3 guys (+vine) and you have to 2 guys, but you can eat one per round and stop one of them from attacking/blocking. (And you had even another creature in your hand – definitely wrong to concede, your opponent needs to draw something really quick to survive).

  14. Why no Armada Wurm Game 3 in the Finals O_O, you would of had 2 5/5 Tramplers and a 2/3 flyer. Let him come through with 4 power and that way even if he had devour flesh you could of just sacked the 2/3 flyer and had 10 power on board. Aramada Wurm prob would of won your the draft but oh well it was a very entertaining deck. Also Plasm Capture sucks. I tried to make it work for fun in one of my RL drafts and it is just terrible.

  15. m1g1 why not attack with your gutter skulk into the lured guy and flash evolver? it was going to block the lurer anyway and they were 2/2 and 1/2. Seems like a good attack for you.

  16. Guys- if you play better with a crappy durdle deck like this, it is far more entertaining. Watching you stumble through the battleshaper and screw up tapping/playing mana correctly was just frustrating. Kinda why I’m not watching as much anymore.