LoadingReadyRun Draft #31: Modern Growth

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  1. I’m always disappointed to see a LRR draft with no stipulations. When the draft isn’t funny it’s only as entertaining as any random youtube/stream draft. There’s a lot of generic content online already but few people known for great stipulation drafts, so why not stick with your specialty? Save the normal drafts for your stream please.

  2. In a recent video it seems you are playing on a mac. Was i dreaming? if not, how did you do that?

  3. Hey, love the video’s just wanted to make two comments. First, because you were running the Worm Harvest you should also have run Dakmoor Salvage. That way you can retrace/dredge every turn for inevitable token wins. Second, summoner’spact is bad on an opponents turn most of the time, unless your getting a flash creature. Your main phase, summoner’s for 0, cast tutor’d creature, pay for tutor next turn. good for cheating a bomb up and resolving it same turn. one last thing, after seeing engineered explosives i would’ve boarded in krosan grip, don’t forget split second.

  4. Drafting Modern Masters is far too much fun. I went faeries and ended up with some sick monster of a deck that had something like eight spellstutters and a clique in it. Now I can’t help but see that pack you opened with two spellstutters and shudder.

  5. So did everyone forget what Paradise Mantle does game 1? That Etched Oracle could easily have gotten 4 counters. lol

  6. @Anonimous, they usually play on a Mac. They use an application called ‘Parallels’, that enables Windows programs to run inside the OSX environment.

  7. JacetheBodySculptor: watching a MMA draft isn’t good enough for you? There aren’t going to be many draft videos of this format online, and I’d rather watch a video where they actually try to win.

    Anon above me: The oracle could only get 3 counters because it’s cost was being reduced by Etherium Sculptor. You can’t pay 4 mana for a 3 mana spell – those two cards are definitely a nonbo.

    LRR: Passing the Adarkar Valkyrie was simply inexcusable. That card is a 6-mana bomb in a format where you always make it to turn 6. That said, you were able to make an awesome deck and pull out the victory. Nicely done!

  8. The problem with the etched oracle was the cost of it was reduced by 1 so he couldn’t pay 4 colors even though he had it

  9. PLEASE could James stop saying “dear god”

    I love these videos but the amount of times I’ve heard this phrase with the same intonation. DEAR GOD.

  10. No, the etched oracle only got three counters because it was 1 cheaper to cast.

  11. So I’m pretty sure most everybody has figured this out by now, but R2G2, the opponent was trying to dredge into the Wormharvest that you guys accidentally passed in P1. I may be misunderstanding the interactions, but I’m pretty sure he could have had infinite worm harvests at that point. (You can replace drawing a card off an empty library with a dredge, right?)

  12. no, you cant. Dredging is a part of the cost of Dredge, so you cant for example dredge Stinkweedc imp with 4 cards in your library.

  13. @JaceTheBodySculptor, we didn’t know enough about the format to confidently force anything. We still want to show you guys entertaining games!

    I did force Storm over on our YouTube channel, and that was fun. I’m sure we’ll be able to do something sillier next time!

  14. Someone already pointed out the use of Summoner’s Pact, but I think you guys totally missed the interaction the card had with your deck. Summoner’s pact is basically another one of any of the 4 drops in your deck when you have it in your hand with 4 mana (including at least 2 forests).
    You tutor up a 4 drop (like a dino) play it on your turn and basically pay the echo next turn.

  15. I’m not sure you guys were quite understanding the Ravager interactions in R1. He still didn’t have quite enough but when he has Ravs you can’t afford to leave an unblocked artifact creature. He sacs all artifacts except unblocked artifact creature to the Ravager adding +1/+1 counters. Then he sacs Ravager to itself and modulars all those counters onto the unblocked artifact creature.

    In this case, at 36:00, if you leave homunculus unblocked he sacs ‘mite and manta to Ravs which now has 4 counters. He then sacs Ravs to itself and puts those 4 onto Homunculus which unfortunately not longer has a buddy artifact but does have 6 power and you go down to 2 and are dead to burn. Or if you don’t block two creatures (ie Homunc and Armorer or Homunc and ‘mite) you’re just dead.

    In the end you made the right blocks but it didn’t seem like it was for the right reasons.

  16. hey! love all your crazy draft videos! seen a lot of them! love the story times and the crazy special rule draft! like go for gold and 2 drop, altho the unbearable was just unbearable :P
    but! you should do a “Timmeh!” draft, Timmy likes big guys! 5/5 and 6/6 and they should cost a lot to cast!!! and not be very good (like rakdos ring leader) timmy favorite creature of all time is ofc Leviathan a 10/10 trample…:D who doesnt love a leviathan…

  17. If you can do an AVR draft and hope to crack a lost in the woods and play 60 forests one lost in the woods it’ll be hilarious.

  18. Re: Match 2

    First off It’s great to see some MMA drafts. I only play paper magic and since I’ll only get 2(maybe 3) drafts I am scrambling for as many videos as I can.

    You can cast Summoners Pact on your turn, then cast the creature, then pay for pact later, like echo. You should only really pact in your opponents turn if you desperately need something to win, or when you have a lot of mana.

    Also game 3 of round 2, if you played Rathi Trapper with Peppersmoke mana up, he may have attacked with the Thallid Germinator which you would shrink and kill. Then you’d have hit the search for tomorrow with Riftsweeper. Value!

    Keep the videos coming. This format looks like a lot of fun.