LoadingReadyRun Draft #35: The M14 2-Drop Challenge

Can Graham and James break the M14 draft format like they did for Gatecrash, by taking ALL the 2-drops?

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  1. I dunno, after watching the draft, I feel like you should’ve taken the Kalonian Hydra just for the tickets and left it out of the actual deck. :P Then again, it’s hard to justify leaving a guy like that out of your deck…

  2. Well technically the K. Hydra is a 2 drop Its converted mana cost is 2 right. We are just lets say kicking it when casting it :)

  3. Confusing why your opponent in Match 2 didn’t +x/+x his flyer giving you less turns to draw outs.

  4. Well that’s what you get for picking the hydra! Break the rules and suffer the consequences!

  5. It would be interesting to see you do the opposite:
    2-drop spells, or else, best creature.
    That gives you access to a lot of good removal, and still probably allows room to draft a strong enough creature base.
    I love the videos guys. Hilarious, and informative about the format.

  6. Match 2 guy was either new to MTGO (or the beta) and having issues with it, or just bad at Magic. He flubbed repeatedly in every game and played things that didn’t make sense to be playing (Lili+Dark Prophecy with apparently 7 swamps; random mill cards; Merfolk guy; Elite Arcanist with no value). It was pretty brutal to watch.

  7. But the guys didn’t do to well against him either – Game 1 they had him at 9 – 4 of their 2/x and gnawing zombie out against the guys 1/1, 2/2, 3/3. You attack their and stay aggressive – zombify whatever he blocks with his 3/3, trade for his other 2 creatures – he would probably be at 5 life at the end of that attack and then cast recluse to help attack for another 1 next turn! LRR turns too defensive too quickly most times!

  8. Man, M3G2… That was just… He could have just let you get in once, then killed you. No cards in hand, dead on board, why not?

    My favorite experience with that card was when I was playing white/green and an opponent played the hydra and then attack the next turn. I had one out, planar cleansing. I drew it, played it and the proceeded to win the game and the match. He had already gg’d me. Best draw ever.

    Might I recommend trying all three drops or four drops in this set? I think that might make for a much more ridiculous deck. Keep up the good work!

  9. Enough with the two drop drafts, its been done to death.
    When will you guys step up to the axebane challenge?

  10. Maybe he didn’t attack with the Seraph game 3 because he was afraid of Celestial Flare? You did have two white open.