LoadingReadyRun Draft #36: Staff of Choice (M14 Draft)

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  1. Haven’t finished watching this sweet draft yet, but wanted to mention that there was in fact a cycle in Shadowmoor for those “For each #basicland you control” but I think a lot of them were reprints. The cycle was Armored Ascension, Corrupt, Flow of Ideas, Howl of the Night Pack, and Jaws of Stone. Often times, people would take an elsewhere flask and “splash” for one of them despite being in the wrong colors because they could be so powerful.

  2. How to play m3g2 properly:

    When he’s ahead on board he’s obviously just going to wait for you to tap out to do anything. Casting the 2nd dragon hatchling is a mistake – it is no better than having one. Better to shortcut and get in for 1 point of damage. Then it allows you to do things like attack and firebrand both the drake and the phantom warrior if he blocks the shortcutter. Or if you don’t go that route, immediately firebrand the seacoast drake – both trollhide and mark put the drake above 4 toughness, which means if he casts it on the phantom warrior you can still deal with it.

  3. In both Match 1 and Match 3, there is no point in playing a second Dragon Hatchling. The two of them deal the same amount of damage as one of them.

  4. Honestly, I thinkt that the Lava Axe was another card to cut.
    Then you can play 17 lands which is not bad cause you have 3 mana sinks in the two Hatchlings and the Shiv’s Embrace. Against a removal- heavy deck, you can board out the Talons and put the Axe back in. But in the basic configuration, I think that Axe should be cut in favor of a land.

  5. To add to the above, Volcanic Geyser was another use of mana that was worsened by having only 16 lands. On a side note, Wild Guess might have been a reasonable inclusion for getting more spells going.

  6. I like how you managed to draft a reasonable deck with the restriction that you imposed on yourselves. It was very entertaining to watch. :-)

  7. Watching you play must be how sports nuts feel. Drafting is like the decision on which players to put into the game, how you play the cards is like calling plays, sometimes you have a great gameplan but you just get a bad beat, or get outplayed. Geez, I never knew MTG was a gateway game to Madden, but it’s looking more and more like it is.

    Great video as always.

  8. Match 2 was perfectly played. Everything really came together for your deck for a smooth, streamlined play. Your opponent never stood a chance.

  9. So five colour Verdant Haven shenanigans seems like it could be a fun draft to watch… *hint hint*

  10. Wow, that really showed the power of cutting a color hard. Red didn’t even look open for the first two packs, but pack 3 was a thing of beauty. I wouldn’t have been able to do it, comedy or no, mono green was just too tempting.

  11. It might be fun to do a five-color “draft ALL the staves!” deck. Not just the lifegain staves, grab anything staff-shaped (like Darksteel Ingot or Flames of the Firebrand).