LoadingReadyRun Draft #38: Big Boy Pants

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  1. You really need to prioritize 2 drop creatures in a deck like this. a 5 drop creature is useless.

  2. I think you guys definitely did what you came to do. I mean, who else has ever run 3x auramancers + 3x mark of the vampires in the maindeck and won a match? I’m sure I’ve never seen that many aura’s cast and recast in a single game.

    Major pants dance.

    High fives all round.

  3. Your round one opponent really should have won game 3. @31:40ish they should attack for 7, put you to 14. Then send in the griffins turn after turn, blocking and flinging a token to prevent life gain. Hopefully they watch your videos.

  4. Solomon Grundy wants pants too!

    <3 your drafts and streams you help me become a better magic player by learning what not to do xD

  5. In Match 3 game 1 I think you forgot that putting fireshrieker/dark favor on the creature with Illusionary Armor would discard the Armor. Also I would have been been forcing green for this deck to get Ranger’s Guiles and the 1/1 Hexproof guys to keep guys alive and put down guys that can’t be targeted by removal. You probably should have sided in the Rod of Ruin (either for the Acursed Spirit or the Illusionary Armor) against at least match 2 (2 Firecats at least).

    Entertaining as always. :)

  6. One comment on the draft. Zepher charge, is a enchantment that could go under the title “kick in the pants”

  7. @Lord Hosk: Is it not those without legs who need pants the most?

    Because, you know, then he’d have the illusion of having legs.

  8. Your round 2 opponent was the worst. Either he’s just obnoxiously slow, or is double queuing, which is worse. Honestly think that should be banned – it’s just rude to your opponents. Yeah, sometimes there are breaks between rounds. Use those to get up from the computer, don’t just launch another draft you jerk!

  9. Fun draft as always. Just to reiterate what Chris said earlier, Illusionary Armour says _any_ spell or ability, which would include any further pants. Illusionary Armour refuses to be hidden under other, lesser pants. Truly, it is the Overpants.