LoadingReadyRun Draft #42: Marshall the Troops

This week Limited Resources‘ Marshall Sutcliffe steps into the LRR driver seat to stipulation-draft a lou(k)sy Theros deck with low-power creatures.

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  1. Wow. That was an incredible, hilarious trainwreck of a Theros draft. I would have said, “In my colours? Artifacts not my colours!” and shipped the Guardians, but hey.

    As it turns out, in the land of durdles, the Loathsome Catoblepas is king. Honestly, I don’t think the card is ~so~ much worse than Pitchburn Devils than it’s often considered, just far from prime material.

    Anyway, well played despite the middlesome deck. Attacking for three has never been quite so amazing.

  2. Your memory for your own rules is a little sketchy! Actually a lot sketchy, maybe you write them down and keep them right in front of you next time?

  3. Round 2 Game 3 – I wondered why you didn’t ship with your 2 1/xs and Gary when he only had the StoneShock – you probably would have gotten in for 2 and he would have killed Gary then. Then next turn you saw it, but then he had other blocks to make. But it still worked out – lesson learned – never kill a Gary if you don’t have to! Nicely played Marshall!

  4. I thought the rules were fine – trying to stick to a rule that makes you end up in 5 colors really is not fun because the deck just can’t go anywhere worthwhile. I too thought he was supposed to pick the Wavecrash at 1/4, but the “in your colors” is what he was going by since he decided to go black/green.

    He did make one mistake when he picked up the first Kiss – he even said, I get to pick Kiss because its is the lowest casting cost, when his rule for spells was highest casting cost. Then he never made that mistake again for the rest of his spell picks!

    Loathesome is a fine card – it’s just way too expensive for this format. To be able to put it out on Turn 7+ (because you usually never lay 6 lands in a row) and then start getting tricky with it (for 3 mana plus whatever tricks you need to play for maximum value off it) is just too slow for Theros. People are trying to make the Boulderfall and the Colossus decks work, but they usually don’t.

  5. I’m wondering why Marshall didn’t consider using Viper’s Kiss on Stoneshock Giant in M2G1 after he got it back with Pharika’s Mender. That’s definitely a scarier and more relevant ability than the Hundred-Handed One on that board, and the Pegasus wasn’t going to be a threat for a few turns. However, the lands were against him that game anyway, so it was a tough spot.

  6. I was going to mention that you should have taken read the bones over kiss, as you got that rule backwards, but then the RtB wheeled anyway so it didn’t really matter.
    The stipulations did make watching the draft portion more fun, but ultimately it made watching the actual games a lot less fun. Maybe if you had been able to pick a colour P1P1, and had to take the lowest power creature in those colours, it would have given you a slightly more powerful deck? (You would have taken leafcrown dryad over the awful wanderer, for example)

  7. I’m going to do a stipulation draft . . . but draft the same green-black deck I always do, hahaha.

    I’m just messing around, Marshman. Great draft, love the content.

  8. @IZlimited: The Wavecrash was definitely the lowest power, and I noticed it immediately as well. I pretty much stopped watching when I realized it was gonna be just another black/green creation. I’m so tired of seeing black/green. :(

  9. yeah if he followd stipulation he hould have been blur sobthing cuz shoretheif is a 1/2 and he had no color at that point

  10. Why do you target yourself with Returned Centaur’s ETB so often? I would rather get cards out of my opponents library rather than risk mill the one card that can get stuff out of your own graveyard…?

  11. Well, r2g3 is a great example of why you always ask yourself why your opponent is doing what he’s doing. From what I can tell, Marshall’s attack made almost no sense except as a ploy to get Gray Merchant into the graveyard. (The other possibility, I suppose, is that Marshall had a combat trick, but then he probably just swings with everything.) With that in mind, the block with Phalanx Leader is a clear choice.