LoadingReadyRun Draft #48: Triple BNG!

Graham and James let the format do the weirdness and wade into the bizarre world of Triple Born of the Gods.

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  1. I always learn something watching you guys.

    In this case I really appreciate watching triple BNG as it is likely what I will play as my buddies and I get together, buy a box and some beer and have fun, but I just can’t get away from work and family enough to draft more.


  2. Sad you messed up at the end, but the whole stuff was kinda interesting!
    I’m always amazed at how you manage to get overall “playable” decks even though you so often pick “for fun” more than by value ^^

    R1G2 is great as well :D
    Well, thanks for the vid anyway :)

  3. For the record, re: double Noble Quarry… the short version is that every creature that can block either of the Noble Quarries must do so, but for those creatures that can block both, the defending player can choose which one they block. They don’t all have to block the same one, but they do have to block one of them. If they have a creature that can block both of them (Hundred-Handed One, for instance), it has to do so, and it can also block your other attackers in addition if they want.

  4. R1G1 why not play Mortals resolve as a combat trick to kill omnitarch?
    if he didn’t block you could use it to kill him ( he was at 4), but it wouldn’t have made a differance due to the acoloyte’s reward.

    loved the deck and the rest of the round was sweet

  5. I love triple BNG. Lets you do things like pick up 5 Nyx wolves and a Raised by wolves… voltroning up a herioic tapper just shuts down the board when you have 3 wolves in hand.

  6. playing “wacky drafts” could be so much interesting if you had real good premises like: lets build a deck around this card or something like that. for example: playing charging badger ftw.

  7. I mean, I mean, I mean. I mean starting a sentence with “I mean” is fine. I mean it’s not fine to, I mean start every I mean sentence with “I mean”. I mean you know what I mean?

  8. Get wrecked by TWO six mana cantrip removal auras, into “well he didnt show us any auras, don’t need this Starbreaker” :/