LoadingReadyRun Draft #54: Oops, A Deck (JBT Draft)

After jumping in the wrong queue, James and Graham end up drafting a real deck.

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  1. Cool draft, cool deck, cool ‘unexpected chat moment’, but man, was I disappointed in Round 1 :<

    Quite enjoyed the show anyway :) I vote for the constellation deck, though mostly if it's done while triple nyx is still available, i'm not sure it works just as good in the normal JBT format!

  2. A couple things… I’m not sure why you don’t play to your outs in G2 and hope he doesn’t block one of the attackers. It’s unlikely, but it’s your only out.

    Also, I’m not sure why you don’t bring in the Eye Gouge. You didn’t lose G2 to the Herald, you lost to double Chosen. With a 12/12, the Herald was on chump duty.

    Fun video though.

  3. The “can I get an invite to the clan” message was actually the highlight of the whole thing, though! Very humorous if you watch both yours and Marshall’s videos!

  4. I tell you, Scryfish beat down is now a thing! THE thing! I broke the format wide open with that one!

    That deck was me attempting to do the Grim Guardian deck in full block to see if it was a thing. I never really got to do anything with it as the draws just weren’t there for me. But thought I had a pretty reasonable setup for it.

    I also got out of pack 1 with three Chosen. And as already mentioned, you really should have brought in Eye Gouge for them. It only straight up killed four things in my deck, those three and the Nyxborn Eidolon, but very quickly in game one I realized I had no answer to your guy’s deck. My ‘stall and chip away’ plan wasn’t going to stop big creatures with mass amounts of evasion. I was leaning on those Chosen pretty hard. I was already on the back foot to start with against your deck, as you very easily went up and over all of my defensive creatures, and the Chosen were the only thing really stopping you.

    But I fully understand why you didn’t. You never saw more than two Chosen at a time, and didn’t see Nyxborn Eidolon until game three (who isn’t really a threat anyways). It didn’t seem good against anything else, so bringing in an answer to only theoretical two cards doesn’t sound like the best. Especially when your deck was that strong.

    Regardless. Fun games guys.

  5. Fun draft. I loved the roller coaster of the first round!

    I disagree on Thassa’s Ire being rubbish – it’s very solid value/inevitability in a control deck (and has loads of incidental synergy with stuff like inspired and helix) – preferably blue black with Grim Guardian and other constellation-funtimes. I’d never waste a high pick on it, because it’s so dependent on you having a very slow, controlling deck – but it will spin 95% of the time, so you can snag it late for little-to-no opportunity cost.

    Not the card if you are aiming to be fast and sleek… but its flexibility is impressive in the late game.

  6. Could you consider a “Scry Me a River” wacky draft? I know it’s considered not good, but I wanna see someone try to do the Knowledge and Power + ALL THE SCRY deck.

  7. I believe I can scry.
    I believe in these cards I pry.
    I peek at them every night and day,
    see my top card and push it away.
    My life total’s getting sore,
    digging for my one-of Bladetusk Boar…
    I believe I can scry, I believe I can scry,
    I believe I can scry…