LoadingReadyRun Draft #55: Theros Block Rare Draft

Graham & James can’t wait and jump into a rare draft, full of some live-the-dream plays.

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  1. Some of the packs were plain sick. Makes me wish this had not been a wacky draft, to see the power level that was reachable there!

    Anyway, fun draft!
    Just finished watching round 1: if I didn’t miscalculate, you could have pushed the thing even further by playing the forest, then play Whelming wave, and then the minotaur! You would have then resolved all your rares, and it was very likely he pays the tribute when the minotaur was coming with haste!
    Anyway, what happened was just fine xD

  2. Nice rare draft for the format!

    Other ideas for Theros block (although it is probably coming to an end soon with all the summer fun MTGO has planned for us):

    All-in enchantment fall – you have to take an enchantment creature above all else, no enchant creatures in a pack, then you get to pick up your fixing (’cause you will need it)! Definitely do this if you ever first pick a “Extinguish All Hope.”

    Battlefield Thurmatage – then take every single strive card you can!

    Fellhide Petrifier – I would like to see you guys try your hand and B/R minotaurs!

    Font Draft – take every font you see and cast and pop as many as possible!

    Hall of Triumph – go any mono-color you get!

    Kruphix and Green Dictate – see how much floating mana you can get up to in one game!

    Worst Fears – speaks for itself!

    Bearer of the Heavens – attempt to resolve his ability at least once!

    Have fun!

  3. I’d love to see the blind draft again.
    Each person (Alex, Paul, Cam or whoever) picks from a different set and they have to put the deck together at the end :p

  4. RebelliousUno that would be awesome to see again, hopefully with Cam and Alex for totally different play styles and attitudes towards drafting.
    We are still missing a story time draft from Theros block and it’s pretty sure it’s coming at some point. My guess is next time since rare draft is now done.
    There’s not enough hats in Theros for a hat draft but some variant should be doable.

  5. 9:15 of game 2, put the ordeal on his grim guardian and use it to kill the pharika’s chosen if the guardian attacks. Play pillar and you have two blockers. Keeps you alive for one more turn. :)

  6. You lived the dream. That was amazing, you basically did everything you could possibly have wanted with that deck. It wasn’t really a rare draft as much as a crazy combo draft, but man did you get there.