LoadingReadyRun Draft #6: Storytime

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  1. so this is essentially how a flavor draft is properly done? so entertaining, i was laughing at the end of act three thnks guys

  2. I would think that obviously the storyline should be “Burning other Planeswalkers at the stake for Witchcraft”

  3. I really hope the names you gave to the characters (/cards (chardacters?)) stick, and you use them in future drafts.

  4. WHAT is with the audio for these? It’s all jumpy and stuttery. Gave up after a few mins because I actually couldn’t put up with the dodgey sound.

  5. In R2G3, the reason he gave the +1/+1 counter to your guy is that all of his guys had protection from humans, so he couldn’t target them. And it’s not an option.

    Also, surely Cathedral Sanctifier’s name should be “Cathy”?

  6. loving your series…
    each week, after I watch your video at work, I log onto MTGO with my 10 and 8 year old sons and we do a draft with the same idea… it’s been great fun!
    this one should be a blast, as they are both awesome storytellers – though, somehow, all their stories end with super-powered dinosaurs battling the X-Men… not too sure how that’s gonna translate onto the plane of Innistrad… :-)

  7. You guys are hilarious! very entertaining to watch as well.

    Can’t wait for your next installment.

  8. Loving these videos, other than the audio which was a bit of a problem.

    You might try bringing in someone who has no knowledge of MtG, or at least a person with as little knowledge as possible about it, and have them choose all of your cards when drafting. You wouldn’t be allowed to explain anything about the game to them, and you wouldn’t be in the room as they pick, maybe bring in Paul while they choose.

  9. I really think you guys should have “been attacked” by that Mist Raven in P1 and gone Blue… your deck would have been awesome…

  10. How about Trump Drafting? Each card trumps the previous one.

    Pick the best card in the first pack. For each subsequent pick, choose something that is for whatever reason you choose, BETTER than the last card. Bonus if your pick literally destroys the pick before (Human/Flier vs Human Frailty/Thunderbolt).

    Use as much justification or weird logic as you want to make sure every card you pick is better than the last but try not to double up on the ‘its better because’ reasons.

    How can you possibly lose!?

  11. I enjoyed that more than I should have. I also have a new respect for Stanley and all the crap he has had to put up with throughout these stories. He’s kind of like the Jar-Jar Binks of Innistrad.

    For future ideas, I still think judging cards based on the amazingness (as interpreted by the panel of drafters) of their flavour text would make for lots of fun.

  12. I think you should do an “Ooo! Shiny!” draft, where you take all foils as soon as you see them, and play with them all. Deck probably completely unplayable, but…it would all be shiny…

  13. Man the audio was so bad I just couldn’t grind though round 2. This was bearing out to be your funniest yet too, too bad. Ah well next time!

  14. Couldn’t you in round 2, game 3, used Dual Casting in response to his sheltering word on your righteous blow?

  15. Burn at the stake and no other instants or sorceries would have been cool.

    “They are casting foul magics, burn them!”

  16. I also like the idea of an “Ooo, Shiny” draft” plus as well as taking any foils, you should always take the best card for _A_ deck, rather than the best card for _your_ deck :D