LoadingReadyRun Draft #74: Making an Impact

It’s time for DTK, which means it’s time to get all the dragons we can find!

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  1. You know it’s going to be an amazing trainwreck when all 4 videos from a swiss add up to less than an hour.

  2. I guess that’s what happens when the format has only one really fun synergistic deck. RB rush feels like the poison deck of this format, if the cards are there, cool, otherwise the deck shifts to a standard plop dudes and turn em. Sorry guys, but that Regent should have been the moment you jumped ship. Red is good, but black is shallow in that it wants to be two kinds of decks.

  3. Yeah, why were you still forcing black with four cards two qarsi sadists? Huh, a straight Jeskai greed deck could have been a lot of fun. Next Draft please try to go five color?!?!?