LoadingReadyRun Draft #75: DTK Rare Draft!

It’s that time again, take all the rares, play all the rares.

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  1. Really should do as you have in the past and just run the rares in the colors you end up in. Just the pick restriction is painful enough.

  2. Drafting is only fun if you don’t feel bad about the deck you end up with, and it’s especially important to not feel bad about your deck BEFORE you even get to deck-building. You make these videos to have fun and to make funny content, so that’s your main goal. At the very least, make the rule “You have to run more than half of the rares you end up with” so if you only get the rares you open, you end up running all of them.

  3. Here are the rules that I think would be the most fun for this draft archetype:

    1) Gotta take all and PLAY all the rares (and foil rare > rare)
    2) Then pick uncommons and fixing
    3) Then commons at your leisure

    You must start every rare in game 1, but you can take rares out in board.

  4. I want to have fun! That’s why I am watching this.
    And this fun is something more than ‘wow look this deck is 3-0 easy oh oh oh, best deck!’
    I mean yeah sure if you have no targets… board out cards, that multicolor removal spell is just a dead card and it doesn’t make for crazy interactions which this is kind of all about.
    I mean… that dragon returning to life 100 times? That’s exactly what I want to see in a rare draft!
    So for that matter, sure you are allowed to board out that removal thing, but not gains, because gains had terrible terrible targets, and that’s what really matters.

    That crazy heelcutting action must have been either opponent not realizing he is losing life somehow or opponent just trying to get this over with, either way it was super funny.

    Have you guys considered a flashback draft?
    It’s simple, you pick a draft you 3-0 at, write down the pick positions (for example the rare is first row, first card, 3rd uncommon is first row 4th card etc)
    And then… you pick exactly those positions, regardless of whats actually in them.
    You don’t need the rarity to stick either, I mean maybe you took a rare because it wheeled but now there is a common on the first row first card slot, you take that card.
    And then… see what happens, totally worked last time after all :)

    Also how about a ‘What does this do?’ draft, where you have to first pick cards you never saw being cast or rarely ever saw being cast.
    For that matter yes, you may pick up rares and mythics that you forgot are even in this set because they were lost on their way to Innistrad ;)
    And you only get to say ‘it’s not in our colors we don’t have to take it’ after pack 1 is over.

  5. Man, Radiant Purge is an awful, awful card in limited. But you guys are great. Keep doing your funky thing.

  6. Graham and James, I love you guys, but James is obsessed with increasingly punishing rules and it detracts from the comedy. Flexibility, seeing obscure, terrible stuff work is quite hilarious. You gotta be less rigid or more zany with the themes.

  7. Oh thank god, that fixing exemption might save the watchability of this draft.

  8. I have to say I find the “Must pick an uncommon over a common” extension of the Raredraft to be a kind of pointless prohibition. It’s a Raredraft, not a Rarity Draft, and as you mentioned near the tail end, the more restrictions you put on yourself the more problematic making a deck that doesn’t just 0-3 without casting a single spell is. I like the raredrafts where you just have to pick every Rare much better.

  9. Suggested rules:
    – mythic > rare > common/uncommon
    – foil > regular of the same rarity level
    – 3/4 or more of rares must be run every game (boarding some out is fine as long as it stays over the 3/4 limit), though more is better :)

    Also, I like the above flashback draft idea!

  10. Follow-up with the rules used in previous rare drafts:
    In half of them, all the rares were run.
    In one (out of 8), a foil was the equivalent of a rare.
    In 1/8, there was one veto that let a rare not be taken.
    In 5/8, an uncommon was forced to be taken if there was not a rare.
    Of those 5, 1 of them let fixing be equal to an uncommon (this one).

  11. I can’t say for certain who’s doing it, but I’m blaming James anyways. Quit fiddling with the mics!

  12. I don’t think you should take uncommons over commons. It’s the rares thats the point. Picking commons and fixing will net you better decks in the end, which will be even funnier to watch. Boarding out rares I think should also be allowed.

    Keep doing raredrafts! It’s refreshing to see something different on MTGO