LoadingReadyRun Draft #8: Here’s the Kicker!

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  1. Oh man. You guys not seeing all the ways tidal visionary messed things up in R1G2 nearly had me yelling at the screen. Very amusing drafts as always. If your weren’t so bad against fliers it probably could have gone all the way.

  2. It just hurts me to see all those blow out opportunities with consume strength get completely ignored. It seems like you guys are truly unaware of the fact that consume strength can be cast before declaring attackers… For example, In M2G1, When you had 1/1 First strike Thunderscape Familiar, a 2/2, and a 1/1, against the opponents 3/2, and 2/1, you somehow do not see that you can cast consume strength to pump your 1/1 to a 3/3 and take out their 3/2. By doing so, you leave 4 potential damage available to you, and no blocks he make are profitable. I know surprises are usually better, but there are many times a trick should be cast before combat.

  3. Re R1G2:

    How do you kill an elephant? With an elephant gun.
    How do you kill a blue elephant? With a blue elephant gun.
    How do you kill a pink elephant? You hold its nose until it turns blue and shoot it with a blue elephant gun.

  4. @ 5:46 of the first round – Failing upwards. I love it. :D “Go to sleep! We should start offering lessons├»┬╗┬┐ in how to play this format.”

  5. R1G2, You guys really overlooked that tidal visionary, when that slingshot goblin came out, graham said against us that creature is a 2/2, apparently overlooking that tidal visionary was going to pick off your entire lineup had you not destroyed the mountain with incredibly lucky straying logic. I applaud your luck good sirs.

  6. yeah, flagbearer reads it must be targeted by the spell. the -2/-2 part of the spell is the spell targeting it. (game1 23:45)

  7. I love these drafts, but Match 1 Game 2 was totally winnable by you guys. When you cast your double consume strength, you could have pumped the bobcat twice while making the tapped flagbearer get -2/-2 twice, which would have killed both of the flagbearers, and let you zap the Tidal Visionary, stopping the goblin from shooting all of your guys.

  8. Pretty sweet draft and games. I was as glad as you were when you resolved Verdaloth.

  9. Another great video. I have a sugestion for the list though. Musical drafting. you take the words to 2-3 songs and on your first pick you try to match the flavor of the first line of one of the songs to the flavor of one of the cards makeing sutff up if nead be. then you cross that line off and for the next pick you can use second line in that song and the first ones in the other two. The songs should be different from each other to give you options and for added bonus make them all LRR songs. (eg. Scientist’s Rebuttal to ICP would probably be useful if you’re doing AR)

  10. R2G2 you could have kicked the spell to get a 1/1, kill his fliers, take the 4 you would anyway, and deal 4. Then still had mana to cast bobcat. You chose to pump and it cost you that game more than not consuming his assassin when he tried to change your land in upkeep.

  11. @Religionman
    They didn’t resolve both Consume Strengths though. The first one got Confounded.

  12. I just enjoyed how they spend most of R1G2 either being extremely deadpan, or just steadfastly refusing to read the Coalition Honor Guard.

    No, you can’t enchant non-flag bearers, aura spells target, and flag bearer was a legal target.
    And no, you can’t use your Thunderscape Apprentice to buff anything other than the flag bearer.

  13. R1G2 is like a tutorial on why Flagbearers at common were the worst idea of all time. Both because they made the game a nightmare, and because they were so unbelievably ****ing hard for you guys to grok, which I assume was probably not an uncommon occurrence for newer players when this format was around.

  14. Great games, but I would have boarded in Skyshroud’s Blessing after I got pounded with the Reef Shamans. Giving your lands shroud would have made a difference.

  15. You know, I really liked this one. I think Graham and James Play Weird Formats could very much be its own thing.

  16. Round 2 17:15. Is it just MTGO glitch that makes their forest turn back?
    Brilliant as always.