LoadingReadyRun Drafts #51 & #52: Including a 5-Color Disasterpiece

This week LoadingReadyRun presents TWO wacky drafts, including a 5-Color Theros Disasterpiece!

LoadingReadyRun Draft #51:

LoadingReadyRun Draft #52:

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  1. Man, sweet draft. The white in that first draft was unreal. I think I saw 3 or 4 lifelink guys and then you passing a pick 3 wingsteed is just nuts.

  2. First draft’s pick are whaaaatttt?! xD

    In R1G1, draft 1, I think your end of game is messed up. Why do you blast the Eidolon with the revelry, knowing that you have no real chance to deal with the flying thing anyway? Also, why don’t you consider that your polis crusher destroys enchantments when monstrous, is 7/7, and is just 1 mana away from it?

    If you played the polis instead of playing the staunch-hearted, which had absolutely no impact on the board, and then the following turn kept the reveler to chump, you could have destroyed the stratus walk with the revelry, letting you live one more turn (where it happened you drew the 6th mana). Means you could get big guy monstrous and destroy the eidolon, and if you still lived after, had a chance to destroy the other enchantement and represent a death threat for the triton ^^ (sure, it’s very conditionnal and only if the triton could not be targetted again and all. Still, a better chance than an almost certain death ^^)

    Well anyway, going to watch the other rounds now, sounds like an exicting draft ^^

  3. Can you explain why you play on the terrible beta? Your logic is probably “well its newer so it must automatically be better, the staff behind could never possibly do anything wrong”

    Ridicoulus. A disgrace for this site.

  4. Sigh – the first round of matches does show why MTGO is so frustrating sometimes. Even playing Swiss, you never got to see or cast either god in any game. I can see why Brian Wong eschews the powerful cards and just goes for the plain jane consistency every time!

  5. Well that 5-color deck was so lousy – nothing hardly good going on with it – you needed to hold out for Chromanticore – even now with Journey to Nix upon us, as soon as you see a Chromanticore in Pack 2, switch the game plan immediately and go 5-color! You did the best with the garbage that was passed – you actually had the basis of a pretty sweet blue/black deck and the multi-color picks is what watered you down to a less than mediocre deck. Thanks anyway for the content!

  6. Bit of a punt in round two of the five color party; Having just Excoriated the Fleecemane Lion, you say “Next turn I can play the Siren AND the Returned Phalanx!” But if you hadn’t tapped your swamp for the Excoriate you could have played the Phalanx immediately, since you left yourself with a forest and an island up for no reason. You can’t even blame wanting to keep up a blocker, since the Unicorn was your white source.

  7. Hey Drs. LRR,
    Loved the draft videos and all of your content, but I was just wondering when we will see another story draft. IIRC, the last one was in triple RTR draft and was fantastic.

  8. The 2nd draft ends up being pretty sad, with all the crappy leftover cards you get. That’s sad, being five colors should have given you chances to pick good cards in a bit of every colors, but looks like luck was not with you :(

    While I found that vid a bit less entertaining (mostly because of the extremely low power level, and the fact that there was no ‘fun card’ liek chromanticore that made its way out), I’m still glad I had the chance to see it. It motivated me to try tonight, in a 1vs1 draft with a friend, to achieve the Chromanticore dream after I opened my first ever. And, IT WORKED! Bet him 3 – 2 (best of 5), and the three times I won the chromanticore got cast and won the game on its own \o/

  9. kezzerdrix, now that the Beta stability issues are fixed, it’s WAAAAAY better of a client than the old one. Like, it’s not even close. It’s clearer at every point what is happening in the game and it makes finding everything much easier. Plus it just looks better and you can build your deck while you draft and not have to re-do it in deckbuilding.

  10. You can’t see the cards, they are too small. It lags. The collection is a mismashed confused jumble Im not sure we live in the same universe.

  11. They are resizable. I started with the beta, tried the new client once when the beta was having stability issues and immediately decided I’d rather wait for the stability issues to be resolved rather than deal with that complete nightmare of a product.

    From watching videos, the only thing that the old client does better is give you a little more control over your in game chat. I don’t really care much about that.

  12. Say kezzerdrix, why does it matter to you that they are using the beta anyways? I mean, it’s not like they are forcing you to play on it. If the want to play on an ‘inferior’ client, why not just let them?

  13. because they are bringing disgrace to this site by playing on something inferior. Also one cant help but suspect that they are bought by wizards.

  14. That’s right, they are nothing but Wizards cronies, paid off to use an inferior client, bringing disgrace on this site run by proud, independent vendors whose business interests are totally not at all even a little bit tied up with Wizards and wouldn’t at all cave to pressure from them to have people run the beta client exclusively..

    Both the beta and the old client are ugly as sin. The stability was the one thing the old client had going for it (and given that Wizards apparently runs its servers using the same version of windows NT installed on a Gateway tower they did when it was launched, stability is a moot point). They’re both ugly as sin (though the white backgrounds on the beta are admittedly pretty disgusting).

  15. Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Are you saying that these people, who are playing the game of Magic The Gathering by Wizards of the Coast on Magic The Gathering Online (a Wizards of the Coast product) and who regularly publish a web series sponsored by Wizards of the Coast about Magic The Gathering might have some kind of hidden ties to Wizards of the Coast?

    That doesn’t seem very likely.