LoadingReadyRun Goes All-in (Draft #7)

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  1. You guys have to make up for missing Time Spiral by not missing Invasion block!

    They run from June 20 through July 4.

    Sadly I cannot think of any awesome gimmicks for invasion block draft, but if you’ve never drafted it before it should be plenty amusing without any gimmicks. Besides, they aren’t Swiss drafts, so you probably shouldn’t do anything that hurts your chances of winning.

    Also, whatever you do, don’t pass Pernicious Deed or Vindicate. If you get one, take it even if it doesn’t fit into a gimmick, then sell it and use the tickets to record a BONUS DRAFT!

  2. Hey guys! Nice to see another fun draft from you. I just wanted to ask why you never considered Mad Prophet. He’s already pretty nice in a serious deck, and the looting ability could have been very helpful in this one. I was sad to see you guys pass up two.

  3. something like this would have been great with cube where all the cards are good, your deck was just a little too terrible for the draft to be as entertaining as i found your other ones to be.

  4. Fun!

    btw, I think you can use Fervent Cathar’s triggered ability to get rid of Spectral Prisons.

  5. In pack one pick seven (i guess) you dont even consider mad prohet, while its a perfect card for a big clunky deck that lets you cycle all the cards you cant cast anyway.

  6. @mikerpiker
    spectral prison isn’t ice cage,creature abilities don’t work

  7. As Crim Roberts said above i was sad to see ye pass two Mad Prophet’s, red was already a colour which ye were in deep because of the Hound, and a Prophet could have helped filter cards and dig through that massive pile of cards.

  8. I don’t understand why you guys weren’t picking mana fixing and looting over anything that isn’t a bomb. You needed that stuff to make this deck work.

    That said- i think you would’ve had a better time in the INN/DKA draft with this one. There are far more playable cards in that set. You wouldn’t have gotten stuck with leap of faith! :)

  9. Not that it would have made a huge deal but R1G2 you could have Cloudshifted the Timberland Guide and put a second token on the Inquisitor and then double-blocked the Geist Trappers. It would have turned off the Lumberknot, or made him pair it with the Lightning Mauler, rather than the Howlgeist next turn.


  10. I really like this idea! Thank you for the quirky drafts!

    I agree with others on the Mad Prophets, it seemed like you were ignoring them on purpose? They really could have helped pitch useless lands and bad spells. I realize this may feel like cheating the spirit of the draft, but I think you needed a bit of cheating to make this plan work, especially in AVR.

    I would like to see another draft similar to this, maybe in a set with more playables and/or allow yourself to take land over awful picks. It would still be interesting and you may even have a decent chance of winning.

    One last thing- you seemed pretty intent on drafting aggressive cards(I agree with taking the cathars, just to cut them if nothing else) but really with a deck like this, I think you want to go more controlling just to survive long enough to get the mana to cast all your spells, though i don’t even know if that was possible in this draft.

    Please take these criticisms with a grain of salt, as I’m a much better critic than I am a magic player. Keep up the good work!

  11. Maybe I’m completely missing something, but wasn’t R2G3 winnable? Well, almost…

    Near the end, when you drew the Diregraf Escort, play it, pair with Fervent Cathar. Swing with Cathar, fraKCtal goes to 3 (both blockers are zombies). Next turn, fraKCtal would have had to keep Fettergeist back to block, you swing with Cathar and Escort, and Zealous Strike on the one he doesn’t block, for the win.

    The Death Wind would probably still have taken out one of your attackers, and foiled the plan, but you didn’t know he had it at the time…

    Or am I completely missing something, and I’m totally wrong? >_>

  12. Round 1, Game 2:

    When he first attacked with the geist-trappers, if you’d Cloudshifted the Ranger at the end of declare attackers you could have double blocked with a 4/4 Inquisitor and your 1/1 Ranger. You’d have traded a 1/1 and the trick for his trapper and shut down the Lumberknot (until the Mauler came down, which might be why he held it back).

  13. after seeing all of the crazy rares you guys passed (for good reason) in the first pack, I had an idea. You could do a draft, where you could only take cards if they were the highest rarity or tied for the highest rarity in the pack

  14. While I enjoy these it seems like you try too hard to both make a winning deck AND make a purely funny deck. Sometimes it seems like your desire to win overrides the funny and then when you get a loss that you predicted in turn two its just disappointing. When he played the farbog, the funny response would be, OH yeah take this! (swamp) Its fun when you win, but its just as fun if not more fun when you thunderbolt your own face.

    I would love to see, a deck where you try to get the lowest life total, or the biggest hit. For example shove everything into getting a vorstclaw with a pair bear or a even a wolfir silverheart if possible.

    or build walls and see how big the other planeswalkers board can get, then burn your creatures and let him swing from 20 to -30 in one swing.

  15. …getting a vorstclaw with a pair bear …

    and throw a joint assault or two on it, then attack into a chump block.

  16. Nice draft. I think what your deck lacked in reliability, it made up for in heart and gumption. If there were a final act in the draft, your deck would be the kid who screwed up big during the regular season, who comes back and makes the clutch play to save the day.

    Then, there would be a reunion where the tough kid gets a hug from his dad. In this case, I’d say the tough kid would have been played by Shield Mate soul bonded with Smuggler.

  17. This was a neat idea, but I really wish you guys had just let MtGO figure out the land for you. You guys spending so much time trying to figure it out on your own really took away from the focus of this video. It made it difficult for me to keep watching as you constantly got mana flooded and tried to readjust it.

  18. They tried to let MtGO figure it out, it has a thing that it gives you a 40 card deck in a 3 booster draft. If you have 39 spells, MTGO will suggest 1 land. It does the same thing if you a building a standard deck but with 60. If you put 55 spells down, 30 white and 25 black it will suggest you run 3 plains and 2 swamps (assuming no double cards)

  19. That was pretty rad. I laughed a lot, so I think you did something right. Definitely my favourite of your drafts so far. I also spent half the draft yelling at you for not cutting that massive pile of land, but eh. Great job, guys.

  20. This was essentially me my first draft. I’m Still horrible at drafts. Hey! That’s an idea; get someone who’s never drafted before to choose all your cards.