M:tG Cribbs #12: Bant Flash in the New Standard

  1. Hello Ryan,
    I liked the deck, the worm seems powerful, but when the meta game shakes out I think it will go away due to counter magic. The deck you played seems like the mirror match would be tough because of the bounce and counter magic. In the final game of round 4 you would still loose if your opponent could land another creature, even with the spider in play. Play creature, sac to aristocrat, give protection from green, and attack for the win.You can’t counter the reckoner because you would be tapped out.
    Thanks for the content.

  2. I think you should run 26 (maybe even 27) lands in this deck.
    Snapcaster and sphinx are hungry, and you got enough card draw/cyclers to dig.

    Also cutting augur of bolas against the aristocrats seems incredibly loose.

    It blocks at least 8 cards in his deck profitably, and it saves you some life against reckoner. Some lists also run the black knight, or board it in, so that is 16 cards.
    Also it is one of your few angel targets.
    Unsummon does very little against the aristocrats, since it is less about tempo and more about grinding him out.

  3. What about gesit vs the aristrocrats to get an early clock on them and force them to block wiith their tokens?

  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I was very dead in round four and you are right that there was nothing I could do with the cards in my hand. I do like the deck a lot too but it does seem very weak to Voice of Resurgence, and that card is seeing a lot of main deck and side board play right now. I do love me some Delvers but they just aren’t reliable enough to play and even with they are flipped they aren’t powerful enough compared to what other decks are doing. And to Fluxx, you are probably right about leaving Augur in that match up. I just don’t like the card a lot right now. It is only good turn 2 because after that i want to leave counter magic up or play more powerful spells. But the deck really does need about 2 more lands for the draws to be smoother. I do like Geist a lot in the deck, I saw lists play it in the Open last week end and it seemed very good.

  5. Sacking blood artist to aristocrat does not give aristocrat 5 power for selesnya charm. It is a vampire as well.

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