M:tG Cribbs #30: An Urza’s Saga Block Draft

Ryan takes a break from constructed Magic to bring MTGO Academy fans an out-of-print draft experience with Urza’s Saga Block.

  1. Aside from that Helix misplay, this was a very enjoyable draft to watch! That last deck was pretty nuts, but luckily your deck was well-made and had synergies you didn’t even expect.

  2. Great job. I never play constructed online, so it was really nice to see you do a draft. Your comments are helpful, and it’s especially fun to watch a player with experience with the older set, since I wasn’t playing when Urza’s block was out. Thanks for the content.

  3. Loved the surgeon/medic combo deck. I would have been tempted to play the about face with the 1/5 angels, but I always want to play my awful combos.

  4. I’m glad the draft turned out well. I might try out some other formats that I am familiar with in the future like Zendikar, Tempest, or Timespiral.