M:tG Cribbs #31: Mono-Black Agent of the Fates in Standard

Ryan tries out a Mono-Black list that performed decently in a recent Grand Prix, which features the powerful fringe card Agent of the Fates.

  1. Did I miss something or in round 2, game 2 if you had attacked with Mutavault and double Merchant you would have won?

  2. M1G1, “I guess we Thoughtseize his Thoughtseize so we can Thoughtseize his Connections next”. I don’t understand the logic of this.

    If you instead Thoughtseize his Connections on turn 1, he likely Thoughtseizes your Thoughtseize on his first turn. Net result of cards in hand is identical, except there’s a +4 life swing advantage.

  3. After watching your Introduction: Why not Boon of Erebos instead of Wring Flesh ? I personally really like it in conjunction with Agent of the Fates, regenerating a Deathtoucher can be pretty powerful.

  4. It’s four life (not two) and he uses his mana for the turn. I think it was worth considering.

  5. I feel like maybe diversifying your removal could be nice, bile blight is a pretty good card, and I think you could have it as a 2 of at least (maybe take away 2 doom blades for it) bile blight kills specter, pack rat, and most early threats. Just a thought especially since mono blue and mono black are so popular in standard right now.