MtG Cribbs #35: Modern Daily with Black The Rack

Ryan tries to crush a Modern Daily Event with a deck based around discard and the timeshifted Antiquities card The Rack.

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. Thank you for taking my request. I apologize if you don’t like it (haven’t watched all the vids yet) but it means a lot to see it so soon after requesting it. There are other decks I’d like to see like Infect or WB Tokens but if you have better requests or ideas, feel free to do them. Again thank you.

  2. M1G3 There was a turn you kept a swamp in hand when you could’ve played that and attacked with Mutavault. In the end he would be at 6 and then you could’ve blocked Tarmogoyf with Mutavault, probably would win there. Anyway nice deck, thanks for the videos.

  3. this is a better discard strategy: (land venoms)

    4 Corrupted Roots
    4 Contaminated Ground
    4 Pooling Venom

    4 The Rack
    4 Shrieking Affliction

    4 Thoughtseize
    4 Raven’s Crime
    4 Blackmail
    4 Wrench Mind
    4 Delirium Skeins

    20 Swamp

  4. To Dan, I’m love taking requests because I don’t get them that often. The deck was fun to play but it is a little frustrating losing to the top of the opponents deck. And the deck has a terrible time against Pod and Lightning Bolt decks, which is almost every modern deck right now. If you do want to try out this deck, I would suggest Leyline of Sanctity for the burn decks and more Pod hate, such as Grafdigger’s cage and Pithing Needle. To diLopes, I don’t think I played that match as best as I could overall but the fact he drew 3 Bolts makes it hard to win as he could have Bolted my Muta on the last turn and I would have died to his next attack. And for the decklist posted, I wouldn’t play that list ever, seeing as you can’t beat a Goblin Guide. :P

  5. I second the vote for Amulet. It’s a fascinating deck that isn’t shown much on vids.

  6. The deck is actually called “8 Racks” (because of the 8 “Rack effects”), just as a heads-up.

  7. Also: 4 Relics and 4 Orbs is overkill, better cut 2 of both and run a playset of Surgical Extraction, Extirpate or a 2/2 split of both (I personally prefer Extractions for demented turn 1 combo stomping) – they are a HOUSE against Combo decks and pretty good against Control aswell, if you are patient until you can hit the right targets.