MtG Cribbs #36: Blue-Green Devotion in Standard

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This week Ryan pilots a Blue-Green Devotion list of his own brewing into the Standard queues.

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You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. Wow! This deck looks amazing. I’ve been trying to make Simic work for a while and I’m going to try this build on for size.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Good show, sir! I was thinking of trying a similar deck with a more aggro bend to it with experiment one and Kiora’s follower and the like. Also it’s fun to put a Progenitor Mimic on other people’s cards (Master of waves and Gray Merchant can get pretty funny) and it’s fun to see Prime Speaker Zegana go off as well.

  3. Not bad. Not very representative I would say, though. This deck looks like it has the same problem as the old mono green deck. With so many mana dorks, you leave yourself open to some really bad draws (and obviously great ones, like you posted). You also must commit to the board, weakening your matchup against control, which I note you did not face, and there are plenty of those in the metagame now.

  4. This deck sucks and you misplayed consistently throughout. My WBR combo deck would savagely tear off your head and eat it.

  5. Thank you for the feedback everyone. This deck was a blast to play when the draws work. But Israel hit the nail right on the head. The deck has an abysmal UW matchup. I did play almost this exact list at a 5K this past weekend and I went 1-2 vs UW control decks, 2-5 in games. So unless there are almost no control decks in your meta, and an uncommonly high amount of Red/Green Monster decks, I don’t suggest playing Green devotion decks.