MtG Cribbs #37: Amulet of Vigor Combo in Modern

Ryan returns to Modern with a comical-looking combo list based around Amulet of Vigor and lands. (And it’s more powerful than you think.)

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. …..Just pause it and blow your nose man. Im sorry your sick but its really loud with a mic.

  2. To PlanetWalls, I honestly have no idea about Choke. I have never drawn it when I boarded it but I don’t feel like those match ups come down to that. All you have to do is either go off turn 2 or 3 or get a Cavern of Souls to get your Titans through. And to IZlimited, I am really sorry about that. I am having some severe allergy problems right now that no amount of nose blowing will solve. And if you look closely, you can see that I do pause approximately 10 million times to blow my nose :P

  3. Well thank you for trying at least:P If your feeling like a goober, may i suggest Bogle Hexproof as next weeks deck? Slippery Bogle looks like a troll snot-rocket.

  4. Cool deck!
    Seeing these modern vids is really interesting from the point of view of someone who stopped Magic ages ago and just plays block limited, gives hindsight about what exists and ideas to step into “wider” formats when the time comes :)

    Thanks for it!

  5. I greatly prefer Fracturing Gust over Creeping Corrosion in decks that can find enough mana to play it, and have 4 in my sideboards. It’s an instant (so it takes out inkmoth/blinkmoth nexus after they activate them), it gains you a ton of life, and also takes out enchantments. When I’ve played it against affinity AND hexproof, my opponent never wins, especially if they have 3 or fewer cards in hand. In R3G3, the life gain would have given you at least 3 or 4 more turns to find a land.

    I enjoyed watching these, good job. I’ve always been impressed with players that choose this deck, because it seems like it is so easy to misplay great hands, yet every player I’ve seen play it can play so quickly.

  6. Just want to say I always enjoy the content you provide! Thanks for showcasing interesting decks and always playing with a good attitude. Take care man!

  7. I’m glad that you all have enjoyed my videos :) I’m actually really happy with how these matches turned out. Especially Game 2 of Match4, I really thought I was dead that game. To IZlimited, I am more than willing to try out Boggles. I played that for a little bit right when it got popular and I am not opposed to try it again. To magikado, that’s what I love about Modern, you get to play cards that have never been played together before and get crazy awesome interactions. To DrDrJ, Fracturing Gust does seem better than Creeping Corrosion in the board. Five and Four mana are almost the same in this deck and, like you said, the life gain does make a huge difference. And to Ryan, I’m glad you enjoy my videos. I am happy to see others enjoy them as much as I do making them :)