M:tG Cribbs #41: Modern with Mono-White Knights!

For this week’s M:tG Cribbs, Ryan pilots a mono-white aggro list (one so simple it looks like a child made it!) into some Modern matches. Can this Knights tribal deck actually perform?

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. Ok, you copied this list from Lepore
    But here’s the real version of the deck

    4 x Steppe lynx
    3 x Figure of Destiny
    4 x Knight of White Orchid
    4 x Squadron Hawk
    3 x Student of Warfare
    1 x Ranger of Eos
    4 x Spectral Proccession
    1 x Kor Skyfisher

    1 x Ajani Goldmane
    4 x Honor of the Pure
    4 x Path to Exile
    4 x Brave the Elements

    8 x white fetches
    4 x Celestial Colonades
    4 x Hallowed Founatin
    7 x Plains

    SideBoard ( slightly debatable )
    Act of Aggression// Amazing in creatures matches and can stop TWIN
    Kor Firewalkers
    Leonin Arbiter//Throw off fetches, pod valakut
    Leonin Relic HOarder
    Hero of Bladehold ( mini grave titan vs Control decks )
    the one spell a turn enchanment creature and or the artifcat version.

    Trust me on this I know


    Please Sleeve this up and make a video!!!!

  2. I haven’t watched the gams yet but I have to say this list speaks to my inner wheenie player.

  3. Apricio I don’t really see how he “copied” the deck when they are not similar. He is showing a knight exemplar list and you are showing a WW with Colonade which I really don’t understand. That’s alot of damage to yourself in a race when you could just play mutavault.

  4. IZlimited, this is what he copied or borrowed.

    I watched both video series and the decklist I posted is better than both I believe.
    Steppe lynx is absurd with knight of white orchid and fetches of course.
    Flagstones of trokairs was good too but the new legend rule took that awesome interaction away.

    I also played this deck in standard back in 2010 and that was the time of jund and jace the mindsculptor and valakut.
    This deck had the poetential to beat all three and was rougue.

    GOOD CALL on mutavault!!! I missed that because It was not standard legal during that time period.

    I encourage you all to test this deck with the highest intentions of enlightenment.

  5. Thank you for the feedback everyone! To Apricio, I actually had no idea Frank Lepore had written about it, I just found the list while looking through Modo event results. The list you posted is completely different than the one I played. And once you drop the knight theme, I feel it would be better just to play a Zoo deck than a mediocre White Weenie deck. Also, you should never play Lenion Arbiter in a deck with fetch lands, the potential to hurt your development is too great of a risk in my opinion. And even though Mutavault seems like a perfect fit for the Knight deck, having a land that doesn’t produce White mana with 16 creatures that need 2 White mana on turn two isn’t what the deck needs. Unless you cut spells for the Mutavaults, they shouldn’t be in this deck. I do agree though that Vials and Hero of Bladeholds would be a perfect fit for the deck. And Cavern of Souls might be fine except for the fact it doesn’t work with Student of Warfare and several of the sideboard two drops.

  6. Ryan, are you going to do RDW at any point? What would you say is the deck you play most competitively (the deck you’re best at?)

  7. It’s a different type of deck. . .

    I think you should try it by using it in configuration with your current deck by adding the
    4 steppe lynx
    1 ranger of eos
    1 figure of destiny
    8 fetches

    The damage from steppe lynx is absurd.
    You’re the draw
    T1 steppe lynx
    T2 play fetch swing for 4 play student pump once
    T3 play Knight of White orchid, get land, play fetch,crack fetch, pump student swing for 9
    T4 play land, play honor, cast brave swing for 11

    T4 kill on the draw is pretty sick.

    This Deck absolutely needs steppe lynx.
    Figure of Destiny is like the Wurmcoil engine in the sideboard. It ends the games that you need a wurmcoil for.
    And its far better than Student.

    Plus, lots of times one of your guys will get pathed and you get the extra 2 points of damage with the lynx.

  8. To Anthony, I just found a RDW list that 4-0 a Daily last week, so I plan on trying out that list in my next set of Modern videos. It looks really sweet and only costs $60-$100 to build in real life. And the deck I feel I’m the best at in Modern is Merfolk. Ive been playing it for about a year now and it is the only Modern deck I own in real life. But I would feel very comfortable running Amulet Combo in a tournament now. Out of all the Modern videos I’ve done, Amulet is the deck I spent the most time working on and figuring out how to play.
    To Aprirco, I do agree that Steppe Lynx is an absurd card. They don’t often print a 4/5 for one Mana. But I think if you want to play a Steppe Lynx deck, you should be playing Lightning Bolts and Helixs. Getting them to with White Weenie isn’t the same as getting them to 4 in Zoo. Modern is a heavy removal format, with most red deck playing some amount of Anger of the Gods, I don’t feel you can reliable kill some one with just creatures and no disruption or burn.

  9. How about Light from Within? Could be quite nice with all those double white costs. Would of course need additional land…

  10. How do you guys feel about apostles blessing vs brave? From the Videos I felt that sometimes, esp. vs Tron, the blessing might have gotten you some extra value.
    I agree with the manabase however. Nothing better than standard lands :)

  11. How is Blessing better in any way?

    Making your team unblockable is braves true purpose.

    The problem is that the 3 color zoo decks aren’t robust or resilient as this type of deck.
    And they certainly don’t support student of warfare, knight of white orchid or honor the pure.

    Red doesn’t really add anything besides direct burn.
    You already have that in the form of brave the elements.

    The URW decks are far better at doing what a rw deck would try to do.

    As far as the traditional zoo Lists I just can’t picture it being viable.
    Zoo decks stall out if they’re initial pressure isn’t good enough.

    Wild nacatal cannot become a 4/4 double strike or a flying 8/8 first striker.

    IF zoo’s mana base supported the leveling up then ya, I’d be awesome and the way to go, but it does not.

    Steppe lynx just straight up doesn’t fit anywhere else right now except for this build.

    You also contradicted yourself saying that creatures aren’t good right now and this knights deck is all creatures.

    I mean Anger of the gods still gets your knights, like all of them after your exemplar dies.

    A path still removes an indestructible dude.

    The only thing that would really punish steppe lynx is electrolyze.
    If they bolt your steppe lynx then your Mirran Crusader lives.

    How about this:
    T1 steppe lymx
    T2 fetch crack swing for 4 play student, pump student
    T3 fetch crack pump student play honor swing for 9
    T4 knight of white orchid, get land, fetch crack play ajani
    swing for 14 in the air with your double striking, flying steppe lynx

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