M:tG Cribbs #43: Modern DE with Red Deck Wins

Watch the fastest-paced, burniest, and ‘dumbest’ of all decks succeed in a Modern Daily event.

You can find Ryan on Twitter @mtgcribbs.

  1. m1g2

    When your opponent was at 8 life and only had 2 untapped colorless tron lands, why didnt you just lighting bolt -> lava spike -> shard volley for 9?

  2. Thanks for the content! A friend of mine plays a deck like this and crushes people with Goblin Guide. Its really fun to see burn do well. Only one suggestion, instead of “We would have won against a real deck,” next time how about, “Wow, we beat everything except this crazy brew.” Crazy brews are what make this game fun to lots of people. :)

  3. Thanks for watching everyone. I you were absolutely right first poster, I missed the kill vs Tron. I can’t believe I didn’t see it. I was too focused on being mana efficient and not the real goal of just killing my opponent. And I am sorry for my comment in the fourth match. That deck was obviously a real deck, going 4-0 in a daily is no easy feat. What I really meant was I feel like burn has a great match up vs the decks would normally expect to see on day 2 of a Grand Prix, like Twin, Jund, Affinity, and Pod. But all in all I would recommend this deck for anyone who is looking for a cheap competitive look at the Modern format. The deck was around 50 tix with Goblin Guide being the most expensive card at about 4.5 tix each.

  4. Nice to see RDW.

    Seeing it it seems very one-dimensional. But hey, if it gets there, it gets there.

    Last opponent’s deck was tailor-made to defeat red.

  5. M1G3, I believe you had the kill on your turn a turn earlier via lightning bolt and shard volley- opponent had no mana up, so the spellskite redirects were just as lethal as the spells. The way it was played the opponent was allowed to untap and draw, which could’ve created an opening for nature’s claim gaining 4 life.

  6. Have you thought about running Mutavaults and/or Vexing Devils in this deck ?

    Without Magma Jets, Mutavaults seem like a fine way to prevent flooding out too much and I personally still like Vexing Devils better than Spark Elementals (though the resurgance of Zoo makes them less good). Any thoughts ?

  7. In Round 1, 7 min. in, why didn’t you just kill your opponent with Lava Spike + Lightning Bolt + Shard Volley for 9 when he was at 8 and only had 2 colorless mana up ? Were you trying to play around something, and if so, what ?