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Deal of the Day
For all of you looking for a special deal we have set up a "Deal of the Day" Widget on the front page and store. Check it out regularly as it changes every day.
Academy News Page
For the time being, the Academy news page will not be updated regularly, but rather only with the most important Academy and Magic Online announcements. Thank you for your understanding. We may begin again in the future.
Announcement for September 10, 2013
Theros Previews Underway, Prerelease Events Begin October 4 ~ New Account Signup Process Improvements ~ Magic Online Cube Returns September 25 ~ Weekend's Events ~ Products Going Off-Sale in Magic Online Store ~ Event Coverage Decklist Updates ~ Downtime Notes for September 11, 2013
2014 GP Schedule And Prize Structure Changes
The growth in attendance at Grand Prix around the world demonstrates the ever-increasing appetite for players to have a competitive arena in which to test their skills. With forty-six Grand Prix across twenty-one countries and a variety of formats, this slate of events does just that.
Anatoly Chuhwichev Wins GP Prague
In the end it was a final between Red/Green Slivers and Blue/Black control, a strong contender for the best deck of the format. Italian gentleman Marco Cammilluzzi fought valiantly, but finally it was Russian Anatoly Chuhwichev who rode his Air Servant to victory.
Teasers from Theros
Mark Rosewater reveals a few interesting information about the upcoming set "Theros" in his newest column on the mothership. Find the original article on Here is the list: