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MTGO Updates, Coupons, and exclusive Content
While we put our email update/newsletter project on hiatus for a while, we are now publishing a regular email update with exclusive articles, videos, and coupons from MTGO Academy. The update will be published once a month and the first installment will include "5 Things you did not know about MTGO!" and exclusive discount codes for our loyal
New Set Announcement
Wizard of the Coast announced the new set for Fall 2014. The name of the set is "Khans of Tarkir" and is a war torn world, which also happens to be the home world of Sarkhan Vol - the Planeswalker from "Shards of Alara". See the complete Arcana post and the announcement video with ....
Deal of the Day
For all of you looking for a special deal we have set up a "Deal of the Day" Widget on the front page and store. Check it out regularly as it changes every day.