Peering Into Pauper: Pauper Playground Podcast #1

(This time for Peering Into Pauper, Grant has made a podcast rather than write an article. Let him know in the comments how you like the podcast format. — MTGO Academy Staff)

Click ‘download’ below to listen to Pitlord’s Pauper Playground Podcast.

Click the arrow to download the podcast in .mp3 format.
  1. Keep it up guys! Audio is over-modulated a bit, hang some carpets/big blankets about to fix that. Blue/Red post is probably the SLOWEST deck I’ve ever seen…it wins when your opp is ‘already losing’ :)

    I’m a fan of drinking/tournaments on Fri/Sat nights too :)

  2. MTG Cast already has a Pauper Podcast called Pauper to the People we just recorded episode #61 Monday.