PlanetWalls’ Classic League 2012-13 QT #1 Matches

Classic League 2012-13 is a player-run Classic tournament series, hosted by Classic Quarter (and run by Unlocking the Vault author enderfall), sponsored by MTGO Academy, and made possible through generous prize donations from Wizards of the Coast and a multitude of dedicated Classic fans. As you can read about here, the 2012-13 Classic League is broken into several qualifier tournaments, from which successful players will be invited to an invitational next year. Below are the six rounds of Swiss and Top 8 matches of the first qualifier tournament from the perspective of participant PlanetWalls (and his goofy deck). Since QT #1 is now over, after you’re done watching these vids, check out his rogue list for QT #2 at this page.

Feel free to ask any questions about the format, the tournament structure, etc., in the comments. You can see all the decklists represented in the tournament in the Classic League forum on Classic Quarter.

NOTE: If you’d prefer to watch all these videos in sequence, check out the playlist on MTGO Academy’s Youtube channel.

  1. Probably. Lodestone Golem is pretty good in most matchups. Even in the mirror. I’ll post an improved build of Workshop Pod later, though, and not just slightly improved, but much improved. Still, is Prison-Workshop better? Probably.

  2. Thanks, Kuriboh. It was a lot of fun. ChrisKool and I have updated it a bit, and it looks different. There are several possible builds, though, which we need to test. A blue-based one with Trinket Mage seems really good, but there’s also an aggro build that eschews 7-drops completely, and cuts Salvage Titan.

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