Playing the Unplayable: Classic DE w/ BG Heartless Vet Ramp

PlanetWalls tries out a questionable ramp list in a Classic DE, running Veteran Explorer, Heartless Summoning, discard, and Massacre Wurm. Will it work, will it suck, or will it end up somewhere in between?

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  1. Hey there!
    Good stuff as always – I sure like it :)
    Maybe you want to consider playing a dryad arbor for cabal therapy value?
    And btw: Massacre Worm is like one of my most favorite cards ^^

  2. Lodestone seems a little win-more in the match-ups where you want it. What about Thrun (<— I love that guy) at the 4-drop slot instead. Off Heartless it's only costing GG and it can still trade with an opposing Lodestone if you have regen mana up, something pretty easy to do when you have Vet Explorer.

  3. Deck does need more Bane of Progress, though. Maybe better than Duplicant, and as a 1-of, it’s at least tutor-able.

  4. It feels like this deck could use some necrotic ooze combo, and use civilized scholar (automatically dies with heartless summoning and then when ooze has the ability, he cycles through your deck[untaps but can't transform] for the kill).

  5. My thoughts on the deck (which may be completely wrong)

    1) Needs more Skullclamp. I’d add at least one more. Kills Explorer and is one of the best cards in the format, period.

    2) Where’s Phyrexian Tower?

    3) I agree about Lodestone not quite being a fit in the deck. The thing is casting him with Heartless in play makes him a 4/2, which kinda sucks. I like the suggestions of Thrun and Bane. Also, is Mistcutter doing enough? He is pretty much just a vanilla dude. I could see running him as a one of, but three seems excessive.

    4) I don’t know if I’m sold on Heartless Summoning. I do think if you are going that route, you might want to go down to three, since I doubt you are going to want more than one out at a time. The thing is, other than Massacre Wurm, I’m not sure whether your creature base really benefits from Summoning being out. If you do stay with that plan, though, the Praetors and Titans might be worth considering. Kalonian Hydra also might be good.

    5) I think a couple copies of Green Sun’s Zenith would be good. Helps you find Explorer and gives you something to do with the extra mana.