Playing the Unplayable: Spring 2014 Classic League QT 1 with Sky Weenie

Classic League is a player-run Classic tournament series, hosted by Classic Quarter (and run by Unlocking the Vault author enderfall), sponsored by MTGO Academy and MTGO Traders, and made possible through generous prize donations from Wizards of the Coast and a multitude of dedicated Classic fans. As you can read about on Classic Quarter, the Spring 2014 Classic League is broken into two qualifier tournaments, from which successful players will be invited to an invitational tournament.

In addition, all players who finish 4-0 in a Classic Daily Event before the invitational will receive an invite. Come out and join the fun, even if you’re on the fence! The decks are hard to play and hard to beat, but the community is good, and you might just qualify for the invitational!

Below are the Swiss rounds of the first qualifier tournament from the perspective of me, PlanetWalls. Because the tournament is still in progress, more of my will become available on video below each week.

You can see all the decklists represented in the tournament on Gatherling.

In this tournament, I’m playing a deck based around Sky Hussar, hate bears, and a variety of lands, in an attempt to beat the field. It is a version of the original Sky Hussar-White Weenie list developed by Fishy Fellow and played to successful finishes in several DEs and PREs. Check out my decklist below, and then you can check out my matches.

NOTE: If you’d prefer to watch all the below videos in sequence, check out the playlist on MTGO Academy’s Youtube channel.

You can find me on Twitter @PlanetWalls or @MTGOAcademy.

  1. Additionally, the audio in Round 2 is a second or two ahead of the video. Technical issues aside, very enjoyable to watch, even with the misclicks and whatnot. I’m a sucker for WW decks (Craig Wescoe is my Magic idol), and as a Death & Taxes player I can get behind some hatebears. Thanks for the vids!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Fixed the first video link (sorry about that!), and regarding the second video, I’m not seeing the audio-video lineup problem. I’ll investigate further. (Is there a particular time when it starts?)

  3. Not sure, but I seem to recall it being present in game 2. It’s not a huge issue, though, so I wouldn’t worry about it if it doesn’t seem to be happening on your end.

  4. As mentioned before the video/audio is a few secs out of sync in game 2. (you name cards before they get played or drawn.) But well it doesn’t really disturb the gameplay, so if it’s a one time thing i wont care ^^. Thanks for the nice games!