Rags to Riches: Week Eighteen

Hello everyone and welcome back. Let’s jump right in and start by selling our remaining SoM boosters for 8 tickets on classified. They did not prove to gain any value over the last few weeks, so it’s time to get rid of them and move on.

Side note: it is probably an advantage for you if you are not trading with an account that implies you are a bot. In my case, AcademyBot2 was the only free account I had available, but the bot name makes for some awkward situations.

My next deal included selling the foil Sword of Body and Mind; a player was offering 9 tickets for it on classified and while this leaves me with a healthy profit already, it always pays of to ask for a little extra. The way I do it is not to ask for specific throw-ins but rather some general stuff such as, “Can you throw in 4 playable SoM uncommons?” This way you increase the likelihood that the other player finds something he has extras of and doesn’t mind giving away- even small extras add-up over many trades!

Then after some contemplation, I purchased 4x foil DDD Tezzeret the Seeker from a bot for a good price. With the Extended season slowly coming in sight and the fact that we are currently in an artifact block, I see this card gaining value over the next few weeks.

Another buy followed in the form of a Seachrome Coast. The Scars of Mirrodin lands don’t have a huge following currently, but for one ticket this was a safe buy nonetheless.

Next, it is time to get rid of the rest of the boosters we have. After several bad experiences with boosters, I will most likely stay away from them for the time being. They can be very profitable if you are working with a bot, as the profit margins are very small and you need a high turnaround to make it work- so not for us! Goodbye M10…

And with that, it is all the time for the trades this week. Here is a wrap up with the collection value distribution to see how far we are from our goal.

The current collection value is (bot buy prices)
526 Commons/Uncommons — 7.9 tickets
61 Rares/Mythics — 96.8 tickets
8 Event Tickets

Total bot buy price: 112.7 tickets

Total bot sell price: 157.2 tickets

There are a few cards which seem to be undervalued in the bot buy list and are selling higher on the boards, but that’s what we are using as reference and we will continue to do so until we have enough to go for the “grail.” For those interested, I also included the bot sell price for our collection.

Hope to see you all next time and good luck,


  1. Why are you running 2 MTGO clients? Making profit from boosters only seems to happen during pre-release as there in high demand. Thank you for quoting what you said when you got the additional uncommons in that trade. Keep up the good work! ^^

  2. Running 2 clients allows you to separate trade activity from play activity rather easily on two accounts. It also gives you extra classifieds ad space which is important for bots. Who’s buy/sell prices are you using, Marin? Your own?

  3. too bad you had to sell your sword the regulars are being bought at 9 now… i surely did not see this happening. Trus that i didnt follow much tournaments for a week+ now so i guess a new deck is around this.